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xfer case pops out of gear

Kenneth Kramer

Farmall Cub
I have read discussions of detent springs inside the xfer case, but this can also result from different size tires, different ring and pinion ratios, not fully engaging 4 lo, trave limit on xfer case shifter, usually resulting from body lift.

Onetime the drivetrain shop told me my xfer case popped out of gear as a result of poor drivetrain alignment. Seems the tranny crossmember had been modified by a rock. When I fixed it, however, the xfer case still poped out of gear. Seems the shop had put the wrong ratio ring and pinion in the rear (3.54 vs 3.73).


Content Team
Staff member
There have been several threads on this topic in Tech Talk. Click here for one of them. Search the archives on works like "transfer", "4WD", "pops out", etc. to find others.



Farmall Cub
My scout pops out some times, I found that my shifter was not fully engaging into 4 low, when I unscrewed the rubber boot it would go "farther" into gear and didn't pop out any more. Always try the easiest solution first.


Joe D.

High Wheeler
Are you running the stock tranny mount? My stock mount was trashed, it allowed the transfer case to move enough to disengage the lever, especially when I was climbing hills. A new poly mount fixed the problem.


High Wheeler
my trail scout does this, and what I have done is, when i go trail riding, i pull the ash tray, and run a real heavy gage wire thru that hole and back around the transfer case handle and tie it off till I'm done for the day, it was a quick fix for me that turned into the way I've been driving it for the past 4 years, seems easier to just tie it off rather that replace the case.


Farmall Cub
Well I checked the hole where the shifter goes through the plate and it no longer touches anywhere. I also bent the shifter a couple of inches back so it would clear the dash no prob. On the last trail ride I had to take a ratchet strap to pin the shifter to the dash and it still would kick out at extreme times. The tranny crossmember bushing was toast so it got replaced and still it kicks it out of 4 low when under a load.

I am plannin on doing the twin stick conversion (home built) in the near future so what parts do I need to look at when doing this to keep things in gear.