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Xfer case popping out of gear

Tito's Rig

Farmall Cub
My buddies 800A, 6 cyl auto was popping out of 4L when out on the sand on a recent excursion. It seemed to stay engaged in reverse but would come out while driving forward. Hubs checked good. Pinion angle is good. It didn't make a loud 'bang' or anything when it popped out....more like a loud click noise.

I am thinking maybe the bull gear to xfer case gear may be the issue. Possibly not fully engaging, worn dogs on bull gear. loose bull gear nut.

Anyone out there ever had this issue?


Lives in an IH Dealership
If it was a trans output gear issue, it would be a problem all the time. Weak shift detent springs inside the transfer case are typically to blame for a t-case that pops out of range, especially low.