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WW II Ih trucks

Mike Woodman

Binder Driver
There's an M-3-4 on ebay (4553492792) that really got me to daydreaming about what it would look like if it were fixed up. And of course I want it. It's 4X4 but with duallies in front and back. I looked through the Crismon book at all the WWII trucks, half tracks etc. There are some way cool trucks. I keep picturing the M-3-4 at the local truck pulls,I bet it would get a standing ovation just as it is, although it would be sad if someone got it to bastardize into a Monster Truck.


Content Team
Staff member
I think that seller is dreaming if he thinks he's going to get $1600 for that. It would take a substantial amount of effort get the truck hauled away, let alone back in running condition. From the looks of the home-brew front "duallies".
I'd suspect some hacking has been done in other places over the years. It is cool to look at and fantasize about though.



Y-Block King
I haven't looked @ the truck on Ebay, but back in the early '70's there was a IH firetruck up here in the mtns that was 4x4 & had dualies all the way 'round. It was a brush truck (crew of 4) & it'd follow the dozers up some awful steep cuts to surround/contain the fire. Had a water cannon mounted on top too, but I don't know how big of a tank it had.

Now they use helicopters, planes & hike into those areas. It was a cool (go anywhere) truck tho'. :)