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Farmall Cub
Hey all,

Can anyone ident. this part bolted to the fender, driver side engine compartment on my 79 SII? is this a brake metering valve? there are no pressure lines hooked up to it, they both point aft. there is an electrical connection on top along with a small port (vacuum ?) Theres nothing in the service manuals except the combo valve, but it doesn't look the same as the diagrams in the manual.

Its the small box with the ports, just below the master cyl.



  • 2015-11-14 16.33.50.jpg
    2015-11-14 16.33.50.jpg
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blue smoke

High Wheeler
It is indeed a factory style cruise control unit. You can yank it if you wish. To make it operate you will need a vacuum servo a speedometer cable (short) for the unit to get a reading, vacuum source and the control that mounts in the truck.


Farmall Cub
Auto-cruise regulator it is. Finally found it in the manuals. Thanks. With the SBC currently living in the scout, i'll yank it with everything else.

Dennis Bernth

Staff member
The proportioning valve/combination valve is in your photo, but it's the left of the cruise control box.