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WTF Are These?


High Wheeler
While I was checking out another Champagne Series Scout 80 last year, I saw that it had a unique set of hubs, or at least ones I'm not familiar with. My first thought was that they were femin...... (no, can't say that here). OK, I'll just call them comical. This Scout ended up following me home and now sits under a tarp waiting for attention. As this Scout doesn't currently run, I have no idea if they function or not. I did notice, however, that the engage/disengage is only about 90 degrees, vs. the 300-ish degrees of the standard Warn/IH hubs.

So, WTF are these and why are they on said vehicle? Any info would be much appreciated.


Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership
They look like old selectros, that did come on some newer scouts,but they had an IH on them.These are just aftermarket hubs,easy to engage even with gloves on.


Dreams of Cub Cadets
Yep, noting more than "Selectro's", I have a set that say "Perfect Circle" on them, probably the second most common behind "WARN".

John Trumpe

Farmall Cub
Funny! They reminded me of Selectros as well! I had a set of those on a previous vehicle.
I've had 3 sets of them and love them. Selectros with different marketing labels like Sears, IH etc. on the ends. They are spring loaded and will snap into the splines when the axle alligns with the hub. They don't stick out as far as dualamatics and are easier to use than the positive warn types that will not engauge until the splines allign. Warns are tougher though. If you run lockers in your differential, these selectros are easier to use due to the spring action and snapping in. The end cap is easily removed by taking the inner three screws out. They have a rounded end that runs in a track. Be careful with the o ring that seals the water out. I've had to go to a implement dealer to get replacement o rings that are the right size. John