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Trail ride 5/24/2009. Moody Hill / Crystal Mountain

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Will Marsh

Staff member
Mar 6, 2001
Loveland, CO
Should have posted this here earlier. We've been discussing it on the email list and Yahoo group since Tuesday or so.

There's a group coming up from the Springs to run Moody Hill / Crystal Mountain west of Fort Collins on Sunday, May 24th. A few Scout's and some others from the CO4x4 group.

They're leaving CO Springs from the Home Depot at Woodmen and Academy at 7:30 AM, and joining the Northern group at the Safeway on US34 (Eisenhower) and Wilson in Loveland at 9:30 AM. We should be unloading at the Moody Hill Trailhead about 10:30 AM for anyone that wants to meet there.

The thread on CO4x4 is here:

Looks like there's a second group from CO4x4 meeting in Ft.Collins at Taft Hill and Hamony Road (not sure exactly where as they don't say and Harmony dead ends a block before Taft Hill the last time I was up there) that will be about an hour behind us. Mostly Jeeps.

See you there. :)

Will Marsh