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Farmall Cub

I came across a 1954 program from a special event in Council Grove, Kanas.

Inside was an advert from a local I.H.C. dealer. Thought you might enjoy!

The date was early May 1954.

The artwork for the ad would almost certainly have been set up in April of 1954.


I wonder what all might be in there . . . ?

Spring of 1954 sounds like a fine time to drop into the dealership, buy a new freezer, buy a new R100 pickup, load the new freezer into the new pickup, and drive home a winner!




Farmall Cub
Cool International Fridge found this on the local Craigslist. Would make a great kegerator.



Farmall Cub
Ok, so we have a 1950's (can't find the date stamp anywhere at all though we've looked where it's said to be) IH Fridge with a greenish color. Plugged it in and the damn thing still gets cold. I have around 10 pics of it covering pretty much all of it and it's in really good condition but the seal is shot. Needless to say I can't ship it but We're in Northern Iowa (Osage near Mason City), give us your best price if you're interested.


Farmall Cub
My 52 refridgerator. Our 8 year old $1600. Ken more side by side took a poop for the last time! ( already had put over $400 in repairs in it). So I bought a trusty 50 year old ih for our MAIN refridgerator in our kitchen!


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Farmall Cub
ok, here are the pictures....crazy that this new crap with there "planned obsolesence " is nothing like the old stuff!


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Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership
I saw that,its in the town my dad lives in,wife like stand up freezer better,wish I had room for it.Hope someone gets it