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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by mjolnir, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Back in July I was fortunate enough to be one of the two winners of a free pair of Danner Boots at the Binder Bee.:D :D Well this past Sunday I made my way to Portland for a little shopping spree.:taz:

    With some convenient Sunday hours I was able to finally pick out my "free boots". Sounds easy enough but I quickly realized with the dozens and dozens of models to choose from this wasn't going to be easy. Pic one shows one of the high dollar models. Right under $400.00 : it was tempting:devil2: but I thought life is too short to spend much of it lacing these babies up evey day. Went through several models in the mid-high $200.00 range. Pic 2 shows the final selection of a pair of 452 GTX. They fit great as soon as I slide my foot into them........................grand total value $139.00:hammer:
    Pic three is me heading out very satisfied with my new Danner's. So thanks again to Danner, Binder Bee and IHSTO:tank: U

    Monday we even had enough time to swing by Binder Books to pick up some project parts. All in all a great two days shopping in Portland, OR ! Maybe next trip to Portland will be to pick up the Danner Scout :rolleyes: or to congradulate the winner.

    Happy Holidays
    AKA, Bobby

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    And IHSTO has a big 'ol THANK YOU for YOU also for your help in making Binder Bee 2007 a HUGE success! And of course...our friends at Danner made the event EXTRA SPECIAL!

    I'm working diligently RIGHT NOW to further the relationship between Danner, the IH community, and IHSTO regarding Binder Bee 2008 edition. Stand by for more info...we may want YOU to be a part of that!

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