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SouthernIHowners Yahoo Group (S.I.H.O.)

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous


High Wheeler
Oct 22, 2001
Mobile, AL
This is a group that I started a while back. Its laid back. Not a lot of activity, but its geared toward the southern IH owner. :D

If yall want to keep in touch locally, this group is a good way to do it.

SouthernIHowners said:
We are a group of International Harvester (IH) owners from the Deep South. Most of us own Scouts, Scout IIs, Travelalls, Travelers, pickup trucks, or other IH trucks and equipment. Some of us just like old trucks and farm equipment.

Most of us live in AL, MS, LA, GA, FL, TN, NC, SC, and TX but members can be from anywhere, and all are welcome to join.

This list was created to increase the available information about LOCAL SOUTHERN area sources for IH tech info and IH parts availability, and to help defeat the common false belief that it is difficult to find parts and mechanical knowledge for these incredible vehicles.

S.I.H.O. concentrates it efforts on the Deep South area of the United States, and as a result most of the information available on local resources is centered in that area. IH Light Line dealers are located all over the United States, and we ask that you support their businesses with IH parts purchases whenever possible.

IH truck or equipment ownership is not required to become a member of this group. Everyone is welcome.