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South East Texas Trading post/Classifieds

Brett Whitaker

Binder Driver
I'll be coming to the HCB event in April. If you are in need of something in particular feel free to PM me. Besides the stuff left on the NTB for sale page, I've got a full set of Bushwacker fender flares, plus a pair of rear only, 3 SS front grill inserts and 1 rear, Midas Scout interior swivel and reclining rear seats, a ton of miscellaneous other stuff.

Let me know,



Farmall Cub
Got a 345 that was pulled and running with no issues 3 months ago. is complete minus the starter, carb, and coolant return horn. May consider parting it out too if there is enough interest, but would rather give someone a chance at the package first. Let me know, may be interested in trades too just let me know what you have.


Y-Block King
I've been holding on to what's left of the Scout 80 for a few months and I still don't want to scrap it. What's left? The entire back half from the bulkhead to the end is in good shape. It's pressed in a little on the drivers side but nothing major and the frame is in good shape. The complete drivetrain is there but the rear axle is junk. There is no title for it but its weight in scrap should be $200-$250. Y'all have first shot since I'm starting a shutdown this week thru the end of April. After that I'll post on the main forum, hoping someone can use what's left of it.

Brett Whitaker

Binder Driver
Last chance...packing tomorrow a.m. for Binder Bash

If anyone is interested in the following, please let me know today, Sunday.

  • cab top, light blue, about as good a shape as a used one is going to be
  • bulkhead, light blue, very good shape matches top
  • bulkhead, metallic green, good shape
  • fiberglass bulkhead
  • fiberglass tailgate
  • Dana 60 ARB
  • Dana 60 5.13 gears
  • Dana 44 5.13 gears Precision Gear part 44D/513
  • 1980 grill, needs some TLC




Farmall Cub
I would like to trade rims/tires for some other rim/tires.
Mine are 33"x10.5"x15" less than 100 miles on them.
I would like to trade for some 33" x 12.5" x ?? as long as they fit the scout. text 281-701-0027



Farmall Cub
Hi GCB'ers:
I have posted my Scout for sale in the Classified section.
As much as I hate to see it go, it would be great to keep it in the Gulf Coast family. So, I'll list it here for $5k obo, which is a thousand less for you "local" Binder heads. Convince me it will have a good home, and we'll see what other IH swag we can throw in.
We recently moved, and it needs to go quickly. Feel free to write or call. Thanks!
--ScoutDog (Josh)
832-654-5two two6

Mark Aycock

High Wheeler
Well... The Ouray trip got cancelled. We were halfway there and a good friend died. So.... working on the EFI and I have finally torn the old glovebox to pieces. Anyone have a spare for a Scout II ? Thanks.

Mark Aycock

High Wheeler
New request. Does anyone have a thermostat housing for a Scout II that you can remove the NPT fitting? I've got one coming from IH Parts on Thursday but I could finish up the EFI installation except for the O2 sensor. Thanks

Mark Aycock

High Wheeler
Gui, I was buying fuel injection hose last night at Oreilly and the counter guy (Anthony) said someone else was getting parts for a Scout . Probably you ?


Farmall Cub
Gui, I was buying fuel injection hose last night at Oreilly and the counter guy (Anthony) said someone else was getting parts for a Scout . Probably you ?
On Dairy Ashford. That's my go to store. Anthony is new is but very helpful and decently knowledgeable. But I really like the Hispanic girl who works there, she is jonny on the spot with part number workarounds and knowing what's what.

Mark Aycock

High Wheeler
Be very suspicious of BW parts from Oreilly . I've gotten 3 bad ignition condensers and 1 bad remote solenoid from them recently. I go to NAPA on Glenmont and Chimney Rock for electical parts.


Farmall Cub
-I am getting ready pull My drive train out of my 80' Traveler, hopefully with in the next week or so. Reason is I'm doing a LS swap putting a 6.0 out of a 2004 Chevy HD picking up the trans later this week(4L60E) and need to get moving on this thing. Poor old scout hasn't run in about 6 weeks and Im tired of Not driving it. Offer me a fair price and I'm will to work with ya.
I was driving this most days to and from work 50 miles round trip a day before the starter died; it is what it is, but it drove fine, slow and steady. My Boys get home on the 3rd and will probably start pulling the engine when they get back.

SD33 -the turbo it was gone when I got it. The T19 transmission with clutch linkage, pedal everything. I also have Both of the books for the SD-33.
-SD33 ran fine until the starter finally died, Fine=smoked at Start up until it warmed up (white smoke), smokes out the draft tube a good bit, topped out at 72 mph, no air filter, small very small leak around valve cover, drove it to work most days, recently I drove it to Lufkin and back with no issues its just loud (straight exhaust).
-T19 Transmission= zero issues
-Also have the front drive shaft can go.
-Cardboard glove box in fair condition
-Dash with or with out gauges: speedometer doesn't reads past 45 but I really think its the cable, its worn but I could be wrong. The fuel gauge doesn't read but I think its the sending unit. any way assume they don't work.
-Front bumper, painted black but in good shape.
- I know I have other stuff on the shelf I'll post later when I get a better inventory.

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