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South East Texas Trading post/Classifieds


Farmall Cub
for sale t19/dana 20 from a scout 2 with clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel sale or trade for scout 800 half top or other 800 parts. ISO front scout 2 Dana 44 , trade for outdoor stuff (fishing, bow hunting, canoe, if you have a need for it i don't we can figure something out


Farmall Cub
152 builder free to anyone that needs it Need it out of the shop asap 936 442 0742 conroe texas
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Patrick Joyce

Farmall Cub
I am looking for someone who would like to trade their rolling window doors for sliding window doors. (I have a '62 S80) It's way too hot for me not to have windows that open all the way. I started the process of sanding down to bare metal and decided part way through to make the change so one door is bare metal and the other has paint on it. The driver door has had body work done to it in the past and the front bottom of the door will need some love,. The doors are rust free though. See pics and let me know if you have any questions.


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Farmall Cub
Scout 2 t19 trans with clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel and dana 20 transfer case for $100 also really need a home for that 196 engine free to whoever wAnts it. Willing to trade for scout 2 front dana 44. Or other scout 800 parts. Text me @ 936 442 0742. Need to get these out of my bosses shop asap.


Farmall Cub
Anyone have a dana 20 shifter laying around? My 68 scout twin stick dana 20 has a ton of play at the rear output yoke.. I have a single stick tcas from a scout two just missing the shifter.


Farmall Cub
Hola Amigos. Its been a long time. I have been keeping up with Fred over the years. Well I pretty much finished my purple people eater. After having the 304, trans and transfer case rebuilt I have decided to have an LS put in the scout. So I am putting a fresh rebuilt 304 4 speed manual and transfer case up for sale. Let me know if you are interested. I am going to try and become more active on the site but the best way to get me is




Farmall Cub


Farmall Cub
Hey guys. At the last meetup I went to at Rudy's in the spring somebody mentioned maybe having a spare side mirror. Like this original one in aluminum (see pic). I have the mounting brackets but not the "C" or the mirror.