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Snowy Oregon Binders

Jim Grammer

Editor at large
Staff member
Jim you still looking at that Scout ???

I look at it every time I drive down Walnut :rolleyes:

The day I was spotted by The Pucci I was actually headed to the feed store :D

The drive in to the office(Tigard) today was pretty fun except the 2 track ice ruts on the roads are now about 4" deep :eek:

Mark Ashford

Moderator.. or something
Staff member
This year pictures of the KB... most snow we've had here in a LONG time.



scouting II's

High Wheeler
I have a friend watching my place while I am out of state for a few more months. I really hated leaving the Scout out. He had a difficult time getting up the driveway.


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Farmall Cub
I know the thread says Snowy Oregon Binders but I am posting here anyway.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of the white stuff.

Yes it is pretty.

But enough is enough!

Last night it snowed an additional three inches. That means we have had snow on the ground since Dec. 13.

I know for those in MI or ND, twenty-some days of snow on the ground is no big deal.

But for those of us who don't see snow every year or don't see snow for five or more years, twenty-some days of snow is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post. My Binder has been parked inside except for when I have had her out working.

Hopefully the warming trend will melt all of the snow soon but not so fast so as to cause more flooding.


Farmall Cub
I will try to post more photos soon but here are a couple. This is early on, the 16th or so. Who would have thought I would have to come back to Oregon from Utah to see 24" of snow. I did get to do some humanitarian duty for the ANG while I was home so that was interesting driving HMMVs with chains on all 4 and checking in on people who hadn't had power or water for 70 or so hours. Now I'm back in Utah and it's snowing and icy here.


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Don Bellamy

Farmall Cub
Eh Mark,
next time you wish the snow to go away can you add that it happens a bit slower.:boat:
The pic of your KB sure looks kewl.Hope you all stayed dry from the great flood of 09, I had a close call last night but the rain stopped at just the rite time for me as my creek was starting to surround my house at 2am.
I sleep much better when its snowing out lol