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Scout Not Firing

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just got a mostly original down to the key 1965 scout (4cyl) it ran when i bought it but now i'm having a issue. It turns over strong and has fire going to all four plugs and they are clean (NOW) and not fowled. when i crank it the other day it began to spit a water maybe oil mix from the passenger side of the engine. before i could get to that side to see, the engine died. i looked at the valve cover bolts and several in that area were loose so they were tightened. does any one have any idea what could be wrong ? could it be that the loose valve cover destroyed the plugs or just let alot of oil in there causing it to not fire?

Mitch Neal

High Wheeler
Oct 17, 2002
Anderson, SC

Scout Connection is a vendor for the Scout community and doesn't typically respond to questions like these. You will be better served to repost in the General Tech section. Also look further down in the club forums, and you will find SEBA, which is South East Binders Association. We just had a meet at the downtown airport in Greenville SC on January 26th. I hate that you were not around at that time, but we have a lot going on in the general area.

To help you with your problem, if you are spitting a water mixture, I assume that it is antifreeze, and hopefully it is coming from one of the freeze plugs, as these typically rot away over time. It could have looked oily as sometimes antifreeze will become that way. Assuming that you didn't continue to run the engine for long and it didn't overheat, then I would guess you have a fuel problem as well. Are you getting fuel? You mentioned it turning over, and having spark, but can you see it spray fuel when you cycle the carb linkage?

Hope this helps!
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