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Scout 80/800 parts for sale

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous


Y-Block King
Mar 12, 2004
West Fork, AR
have a whole bunch of scout stuff for sale. Its all pretty much rust free and dent free. Very nice stuff. This will all be available starting saturday! Pictures will be uploaded as soon as i can. here is what i have...i have more, but this is what stands out...
I have no idea what this stuff goes for, so if im reaching prices, let me know!!!

2x Nose piece-250 each
2x fenders each side- 300 each
2x end caps each side 125 each
2x hoods- 250 each
2x rear quarters each side 350 each
Perfect tub- 650
Doors no glass- 275 each
Doors with glass and window wings- 325 each
Half top- has a few holes that need to be patched. Less that 3/4 inch diameter- 350
2x dana 27 fronts- 100 each
Dana 30 front- 100
2x dana 44 rear- 150 each
2x 152 engines- 150 each, kept inside , complete
2x t90 trannys- garage kept-100 each
2x dana 18s- garage kept- 100 each
Full top has some rust but very reparable, comes with lift gate- 450
Scout 800 v8 frame- 250
Front seats, need cushions and vinyl- 100 each
Brand refurbished 10 inch clutch in box- 250.

I also have some scout 80/800s for sale. Check out the vehicle section for more info