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"Rating" Threads . . .


Y-Block King
Not to disagree

I truely appreciate all that you do for us and all the hards work you put in. I understand the idea to use a preexisting system already within the programings of vB, but i see a bit of a problem with this. Maybe it was my misunderstanding, but wasn't the whole idea for the list of vauleble threads mainly to help out those who had a hard time sorting through all of the threads? If we did this as our only way to compile the "most vauleble" threads then there is no way for someone who is new to the Bulletin to find these without knowing the method which you described.

Second, I raise the question of if you go only by rating, what would stop a thread about an nonessential item such as favorite tachometers from making it to the number one position other then the member's choice? I personally find the list you have compiled very informative and useful, and if it isn't too much hassle then I owuld think we are going about it in the best way curently possible. If it is adding to much to your already massive work load on this site then would there be anything wrong with deligating it to another current moderator who consents to the idea? Just my opinion and .02, take it for what you think it is worth.