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"poser" tires - recommendations, please :)


Farmall Cub
The time is rapidly approaching for me to buy new tires.
My rig is currently running Pro Comp 35X12.5XR15LT.
Here's my situation. My rig will be driven on paved roads only (hey I live in NJ, the most densely populated State in the US:)) (no flames, please :)).
The only thing my rig will haul is a can of wax. :)
So I guess I'm looking for "poser" tires" - nice and mean, beefy looking tires, but I don't want them to be noisy since they will be used on highways and not trails. I guess you can call them "poser" tires. :)
Is there such an animal?


Farmall Cub
Don't buy a mud terrain. You'll probably hate the humming sound...

I'd go for a BFG AT/KO, but they don't look that mean...


High Wheeler
jim, I think i mentioned them once in an email to you, but people are praising both the Pro Comp X-terrains, which you have now, and the Goodyear Wrangler MTR's as good tires both on and offroad. so, how bad are the ones you are taking off? bald? if they have some tread left, or if any do, you may want to use one as a spare ;) no need for a brand new spare, just more $$.

forgot to add, the MTR is what comes stock on Jeep Rubicons, so they must be pretty quiet on the street :cool:


Binder Driver
You don't want either X-terrains or MTRs if the hum bothers you. Any tire that is going to have any kind of "mean" looking tread will make noise on the road. About the best you are going to do is an all terrain tread as was mentioned earlier.


Farmall Cub
After you get them tires you can get that spray on mud that comes in a can. Then you can look like your a offroader and never leave the pavement :D