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"Older" 2300 carb install

David Van Vorous

High Wheeler
I managed to get a hold of a 2300 series carb from another vehicle (early Scout) to replace the 2210C I had on my '73.

Given I don't really feel like poking a hole in the exhaust to use the exhaust heat auto choke approach that this carb came with and I'm keen on mechanical chokes, I'd rather swap in an electrically activated choke module. Any recommends for where I should wire said doodad in?


M. Mayben

High Wheeler

Check this link:

If the "older" 2300 carb your have (most likely an OEM "side-hung" float bowl model) is rigged for mechanical choke actuation mounted on the same side as the throttle lever (driver side), then the electric choke conversion kits currently offered by Holley won't work on your carb.

If it's a "later" model OEM-design side-hung, with the manual choke actuator mounted on the passenger side of the carb (opposite side from throttle arm), then the aftermarket electric choke kit "might" work. That depends upon whether it has the "internal" vacuum port used to actuate the choke vacuum break piston, or it has a suitable "external" high-mounted vacuum port on the carb body. This port IS NOT the same as any "timed" or "ported" vacuum source which might be used for ignition distributor vacuum advance. It is a port designed into some carb main bodies for the sole purpose of actuating the pull-off piston in the electric choke conversions.

There are also MANY OEM-design 2300 units which were equipped with either the "heated air" or "water heated" versions of the Holley automatic choke systems, those were not used on OEM "smog" engine applications as those choke systems were not able to meet the emissions system "detail" criteria, that's why your 2210 has the "divorced", electric-over-manifold heat choke actuation, that technology was needed in order to meet the detailed emissions criteria, cold start thru fully operational temperature, not just pass a "smog check" which is run only on a vehicle which was fully up to operating temperature.

If the carb in question was originally equipped with that heated air, or hot water choke housing, then it "might" be possible to use the current design Holley full electric choke kit as a replacement unit.

If the carb in question was originally mounted on an manifold which used the "divorced" choke stove, then it would simply mount just like the OEM 2210, with possibly a modified or change in the actuator link.

Put up some good, detailed pics of the carb under consideration, especialy reagarding side views where the choke system would mount, maybe I can be more specific as to your options.

Does all this guapo make any sense to ya????
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