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Nick Osiek Memorial Trail Run


Binder Driver
Hi all - earlier this year, a group of Nick's friends and family wanted to get together and celebrate Nick's memory by doing what he loved to do - play Scouts. To that end, a group will be meeting at the new Moonlight Racing Offroad Park in Sullivan, MO on Saturday, June 2.

We thought about calling it the "Sh*tbird" Run in reference to one of Nick's favorite descriptors.

The trails are all inside the park and are still relatively new, but seem to offer something for everyone. The club ran their November trail ride there.

Trails may or may not be guided depending on number of vehicles attending.

A small number of dash plaques will be available, so post up if you're planning to attend.

What: Nick Osiek Memorial Trail Run

When: Saturday, 02-June-2012; 11:00am-4:00pm
Where: Moonlight Racing Offroad Park
21225 State Highway A
Sullivan, MO


From I-44 take Hwy 185 south to Hwy A and follow the signs to the park (entrance is on the right).

The park charges a $15 entry fee and requires signing a liability waiver at the gate.

Please bring any provisions your party will need for a day outdoors.

On-site camping is available.

Directions and a map to the park are available on the Bi-State Binders website.


Farmall Cub
A friend of mine really needs to get his J*** out on the trail. Anyone opposed to an off brand vehicle at the trail ride?


Farmall Cub
Thanks to all who made this a great day for the Osiek's , the turnout was tremendous.
Binder friends and family are hard to beat they always pull together for a good cause.
Thanks again and hope to see everyone soon.


Farmall Cub
We had great time. Shannon has ton's of pictures. I'll try to up load tonight. Was great seeing all the scouts out on the trail again. Nick would have been proud.


Binder Driver
Here are the shots I got, not many action shots being behind the wheel all day. Hope some others post up theirs.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a great event. We had a great group of friends and family members.

And a special thanks to the drivers who shared their open seats so that everyone could experience the fun.


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Binder Driver
last ones I have...thanks all!


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Don Henke

Farmall Cub
Wow! What a great trail ride it was. One of the best that i have been on.

It is still amazing to me what scouts can do and we put them to a very gruelling test on these trails, everyone came through with flying colors--no damage or missing parts but of course a lot of scratches.
A friend of john osieks was riding with me, he never had been on a trail ride, was astounded how well the scout did, asking questions like do you really think we can get down this hill or up that hill, thru this narrow trail, etc. He was also a big help in spoting me on the right side as i do have a problem with that.

The best part of the weekend was the great gathering of friends and relatives to honor nick, he would be proud, also another chance to toast and wish him happy trails.

Don Henke

Farmall Cub
Actually I did do some damage to my rear bumper, noticed when putting the tail gate down, it was hitting on the bumper, after closer inspection i could see that there was a crack in the upper tube and the whole thing was pushed up. it got caught on a big rock
on one of the trails, after 2 days in the shop and some $.s it looked like new.

but we did ha;ve a great time on the trail!


Farmall Cub
Thanks to everyone who showed up to the shindig. We all had a great time. I fell victim to a bit of damage....collapsed the air filter going through a mud hole, and have some chatter coming from the differential. Currently the old man's truck is at a transmission shop awaiting a rebuild or replacement of the ZF-5. I will be back in town late August around Memorial Day, if anyone wants to get together just let me know!



Farmall Cub
'77 Scout Terravler
SOA, RS, and Flat-topped
304 (stock), T-19 wide box w/ dana 300, and 35" Rubbs
'80 Scout II
SOA, RS, and Flat-topped
4BT Cummins Diesel w/ ZF 5-speed w/ NP205

Two rigs I'm some familiar with:D And one of these days, you need to tell the WHOLE story of that blue truck:wacko:


Binder Driver
Good deal..i cannot say enuff how nick helped me prior to purchasing my scout (info on what and where to look for problems, etc)..unfortunatly my rig is at a standstill (0-60mph is now at 15 months)..darn auto cable shifter is giving my fits along with rear springs (st louis spring bailed me out on that issue) doubt in the short time i knew nick he would have been all over this,..glad it was a huge success-god speed