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Newest Tech Video posted!!

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Bill USN-1

Staff member
Dec 25, 2002
Whidbey Island, WA
I found this method is a little cleaner and faster. But if you don't have the impact it does take longer to crank by hand.

Not sure how many guys have a set of torches in their garage or want to burn rubber if not needed. :sailor:
If you have the torches and the airchisel with the exhaust cutter tip your way does work.
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John Fleck

Farmall Cub
Oct 15, 2001
Bremerton Washington
It works with a propane torch as well and you can do it just until it starts to smoke and let it sit for a few mins till the heat distributes and the center pops out, then use a hand punch. But I am impatient and my customers demand fast quality work.:hammer:

Having done this 20+ times I got this down to a pretty quick time but may try your method if i ever buy that tool. I always like exploring new methods. I have seen people mentioning pressing them with c clamps and sockets in the past, but never with the ball joint press and would use some antiseize on the threads to prevent galling when i try it. That said I have never needed the ball joint press as i have it down on the Dana 44 scout 2 knuckles with a process in the press. The tool is usually for the newer Jeeps, etc that have the ball joints in the axle C's and can not easily be put in the press.

Here is a picture of another well talked about method that works as well. I was just in the shop doing the work and thought it was a perfect time to show one of the methods in a video for the YouTube channel
The second pic is of the tool that all IH owners should own. An Air die grinder (nukie grinder, air file, etc). I use the head porting abrasive wheels to buzz the inside and smooth the rust out to make the new one easy to install. Of coarse ya gotta be careful to just dress it up and not "grind it out".

Anyway just a video of another method I and others have discussed in the past. That said at times i have to combine the use of many methods to get the job done if one is being a particular PITA. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so a videos gotta be priceless right? hhahahahahah:D


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