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New to forum....

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So I bought this 1967 Scout 800 from a friend that needed cash (in march)'s a 4-banger i think 152, I hope, cause I have been putting 152 parts on the motor and it's still running..:stupid: The owner told me it was a 152 when i got it.

Lets see some crappy spring over job was done on it, now it's hates to go straight and has nasty bump steer. 33" tires....27 front and 44 rear. Needs lots of love but i drive it around town a little bit.. Oh, 4spd manual, and twin stick...i'm guessing dana 20 and t-19? anyway i'll firgure it all out later. I just changed the title over this week and put it in the shop at my new house :D.

Now I can work out of the weather with my limited tools and knowledge. So this should be fun. Regardless it's a fun little rig that i'm just tinkering on. Not sure of the overall direction I want to go with it but that will come in time. Right now it's just mess around and drink some beers :beer:

Anyway that my little un-organized tid-bit about my rig. I will be on the forum for sometime now....It's just another habit that I have picked up. And it's great.

A bit about me. I'm 27 live in Napavine, WA just outside of Chehalis in Lewis County. I am a Iraq Vet with five years of service in the Army 2001-2006 and now I work for the County. :punk: I have many hobbies and some knowledge in these if you have some questions about guns, hunting, fishing, boating, quads, motorcycles, and vehicles feel free to ask.

Nice to meet you all..

Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
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