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"New Design" Triangle Springs?


Farmall Cub
I have a set of 4" Triangle springs on my '78 Traveller which need some help. The front is sitting about an inch lower than when installed. I beleive they are of the "old" design. Can anyone tell me what was changed in the newer springs? More/Less leaves? Thicker/Thinner leaves?

Right now I am considering having my current packs disassembled, re-arched, and add a leaf or two to help hold the re-arching job. New springs shipped are about $250. I can get the work done on my existing springs locally for $150.

My plan is to have the packs arched to bring the front of the truck even with the rear. If they sag a bit that's OK - I would want the rear 1-2" higher than the front anyway. If they don't sag, I'll add longer shackes to the rear and end up with a taller truck, which is OK too.

Am I missing something here, or is this a good plan? I think I'll be better off than messing with longer shackles and shims in the front end. I'm not sure that the new springs would be as tall as I'm looking for up front anyway.


High Wheeler
If you have them re-arched, make sure to use a shop that can do it right. Cold re-arching wont last long. the springs should be re-arched hot and then re- heat treated.