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Never Enough Champagne


Lives in an IH Dealership
I am adding to your thread Ed: (no need to be coy Roy, just listen to me>> HAHAH) just drop off the key Lee..


JJ in TN


High Wheeler
How funny. About a week or two ago, I found myself unable to fall back asleep at 3:30 am (like usual) so I went downstairs and fired up the computer. For whatever reason, I ended up looking at a $40K+ 1st gen Bronco on ebay. My conclusion was, and is, is that they are way uglier than the Scout 80 (and 800), inside and out. But, they could be had with a 289....

A few more little things I've been playing with. I ordered a new set of fuel filler necks back in June. To date, still no new necks to be had. As I might be needing those animals one day, I took another look at my original ones. They're in reasonable shape, but the vent tubes were MIA. My fix was to get a couple of 1/2 x 3/8 adaptors, threading one end into the neck, and inserting some 1/2" hose on the barbed end to serve as the vent. I think I can always replace these if and when the new ones do show up.


I finally rebuilt the transmission shift tower. That project only took maybe six months? The starting point.


The mid point.


And the end point you'll just have to imagine as I forgot to take a pic. Or maybe I wasn't smart enough figure out how to reassemble it so I had to go buy another one! Basically, just a good cleaning and new poppet balls and springs.

Hopefully, in the next few days (read months), I can get the shift tower installed in it's permanent home.


I know it's possible, but I'm having a hard time imagining how much I need to distort the speedo cable in order to mate it with the TC WITH that darn overdrive right in the way.

Took another stab at the fuel tanks. They were likely some of the cleanest tanks out there given their age?


Even though the insides didn't need to be messed with, I messed with them anyways. As I had some POR 15 products on hand, I went ahead and tried their tank sealer product.


Three step process: 1) clean/degrease followed by a water rinse (not needed, but WTF I did it anyways), 2) neutralize (the non-existent) rust followed by another water rinse, and 3) slosh some sealer around and let it sit for a few days/weeks. I can say that the only challenging part of this was getting the water out of the tanks before the next step. No matter how much I turned them suckers over and over, there was still a significant amount of water present inside the tanks that I couldn't remove. Finally, I just used brut force (heat guns and compressed air)! And for those that dislike HF, their gun didn't overheat like the Wagner gun did! And for the record, it doesn't take a genius to realize that two guns going a full bore can, and will, trip a 15A breaker!


Have a wonderful rest of the weekend all you IH lovers! And stay away from me and everyone else so you don't end up a statistic!


High Wheeler
That tank sealer I used said to use heat guns to dry the tank....I only wished mine looked that good before I had to cut the end day I may pull the tank back off and build a aluminum tank..


High Wheeler
That tank sealer I used said to use heat guns to dry the tank...I used a coat hanger with a rag tied to it to get the puddles out 1st though...I only wished mine looked that good before I had to cut the end day I may pull the tank back off and build a aluminum tank..
I've read where that tank sealers break down over time and start causing issues..


High Wheeler
The old sales literature is hilarious!
I agree. I'm sure that statements like those today would be banned, or at least challenged in the courts!

I received a couple of shipments of slightly used parts recently from fellow members and both will help out my sorry cause. First up, Randy Barringer was kind enough to send me some travel top hold down bolts as two of my originals were trashed. And as an added bonus, he sent a missing "M" branded screw that holds the radio to the dash and a new Holley float. Thx Randy!

ih bolts randy b2.jpg

They were a bit rough, but beggar's can't be choosey! A bit of blasting and a few days in the vibrator/tumbler and a couple of them turned out nice.

ih bolts randy b.jpg

This one's for Greg, who has something to say about everything I do, right or wrong! So to make him happy, I installed a fine-meshed screen for my new speaker, courtesy of Perdido, who BTW, is building a heck of a Scout II. Thx to you too Rut!


Removed the original paper "frame" from one of the non-working speakers and mounted the screen to the speaker. Old and new.


Finally had a chance to renew the dizzy. I checked the vacuum advance using a Mighty Vac brake bleeder that worked fine for this job but works rather lousy for bleeding brakes!


The fancy dancy chrome knobs on Champagne Series Scouts (and RCS and many 800s) had seen a bit too much action over the years.


A bit of black enamel and some polishing and I think they'll do.


And for some mechanical news, I filled up the transmission with gear oil today. Fingers crossed, but thus far none has leaked onto the garage floor!

Getting closer to the end. I told Kate the other day that instead of 1001 things left to do, now it's down to 101!

If you haven't voted yet, DO SO!
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High Wheeler
("This one's for Greg, who has something to say about everything I do, right or wrong! So to make him happy, I installed a fine-meshed screen for my new speaker, ")
I guess it'll do.....hahaha
And im glad someone found a use for a mightyvac... thumbs up on that one..
Your knob polishing turned out looking good........
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Lives in an IH Dealership
Super Fancy! Your jewel there just might make me re-think my thoughts on 80s, simply beautiful.


JJ in TN


High Wheeler
Super Fancy! Your jewel there just might make me re-think my thoughts on 80s, simply beautiful.


JJ in TN
I suppose a little context is in order. JJ is trying real hard to bribe me into picking up some Scout II parts here in CO so I made the mistake of saying this is one of my favorite malt-based beverages these days. And it just so happens that the colors of this beer are pretty close to Barbs colors. In fact, today's beer thirty just so happened to feature this particular brew.


Enough about Marble. My kid came up the other day and we put the hood on. Only required a singe adjustment from a left to right perspective. It took a little longer to get the hood latch mechanism to engage at the correct depth.



I "repaired" the hood flap thingy and put that on.


I was bored the other day so I put some junker hubcaps on the junker wheels just to see what this thing might look like.


And I was able to mount the transmission shift tower and the other TC and overdrive levers.

IMG_5403 (1).jpg

Not quite sure about the speedometer cable; it has some serious kinks in it. Only time will tell of the speedometer will work smoothly or bounce around!
And I completed some real high-powered mechanical work; decals.



The oil canister decal was a quasi custom one from ScoutCo Products, although Mike plans on adding it to his standard offerings. Lastly, the glovebox decals. FYI, for those that might not know, IH placed the typical "warning" decals on Champagne Series Scouts inside the glovebox as opposed to on the dash.


I was given the Light Line Service decal by one of our favorite IH members from TN and I thought it just looked too cool not to put it somewhere, even though it's not original. I hope I don't get lots of hate mail!

Randall Barringer

Y-Block King
Ditto X 2!
I love seeing all the pieces in the engine bay, that have a story, come together as part of the bigger being.
This one will go down as a reference, a humor column, and an inspirational teacher for us all.
Cheers, friend.
Keep it up.


Lives in an IH Dealership
Simply gorgeous ! All that hyperactivity and adult bervages are paying off huge. No ulterior motives here either, although I really do appreciate you getting that stuff for me. It is like a great movie, you don't want it to end. I guess once you get it done you have a few more out back for the next build(s) HAHAHA.

JJ in TN


High Wheeler
Do You Believe In Evolution?....

No, not that kind of evolution but rather CS Scout dash evolution. A few of my past pics show the dash in some state of completion, but not the whole enchilada. Until now. So here goes a quick start to (almost) finish.

Out of the paint booth and into Kate's drying rack.


Dash installed on Barb.


Steering wheel/column in.


This little guy came with the Scout 30 years ago and I think it looks too cool (and period correct) to trash.


It actually puts out a reasonable amount of light. Not bad for old school, huh Greg?


Gauges were next. Why the f@#% didn't anyone tell me that you cannot install the speedo gauge without major surgery? One either needs to take the dash out (which means the travel top, folding down the windshield, etc.) or do what I did, which was to remove the clutch and brake pedal assembly and disconnect the ignition switch. PITA either way. Next build that gauge will go in with the dash!


I'm partial, but I think this looks rather nice. It's almost a shame to cover up the polished screws with some ABS!

First time ever in my ownership that all the gauge (and everything else) lights worked!


It's a bit tricky, but one needs to install the speaker, heating plenum, defroster hoses, wiring, and only then the radio in that order. Looky looky, that missing "M" branded screw sure does look nice there, huh Randy?


Dash pad clips under construction. For those who will contemplate this activity, don't use the following pic as a template as the bottom clips are 180 degrees out of sink (hey, it's a learning experience for me too)!


And some pics of the finished dash with the dash pad. I still need to finish the horn mechanism but I have such a hard time removing the center cap that I'm waiting until I'm 100% sure I won't need to remove said cap again.




Now it's time for another Marble!


High Wheeler
Looks great Ed!
I had the same dash light on my first Gold Sr2 and I decided to leave it also.
Question... is the horn button supposed to be recessed like that? For some reason I though it was supposed to sit flush?


High Wheeler horn button was flush...until I took out the horn guts... when I stuck it back on with no guts, it looked like Eds...

But dang Ed...that is looking SO nice..!!