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Looking for some offroad experience ideas from you MI guys!

Binder TV


Lives in an IH Dealership
Oct 12, 2016
Delhi, ON, Canada
Not sure how active this place is but I'm looking for some info.

Since I can't get road insurance here across the blue water bridge I'm looking at trailering my SSII over to your side of the water this spring/ summer/fall.

I see all I need is a MI ORV permit which seems to be a $27 purchase at any offroad park in the state and then the daily entry fees?

If you trailer a rig in do you have to have secondary insurance? Or is it wheel at your own risk Etc?

Theres at least 6 parks in your state that are within a 6-7 hour drive from me crossing at Port Huron.

The Mounds, and Silver lake look awesome.

Since we dont have any options like this in Ontario I'll need to head your way!

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I'd likely come and stay for a day or two in the area tent camping.


Tom Compoli

I'd even be interested in wheeling with anyone who wants to show this newbie the ropes.

michigan scout

High Wheeler
Feb 16, 2007
Shaftsburg, Michigan
yea silver lake rocks!! NOt sure on the insurance I would go to state of Michigan DNR website they can answer any questions. If you break down I am right along I-69
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