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Just letting you know

Binder TV

Colin Rush

Man of Voive
Staff member
Oct 15, 2001
Portland, by God-Oregon!
I got my copy of the IHCC magazine. There is absolutely nothing in it about the GWBB, nor is there anything from IHCC Chapter 30 in their Notes section. Also, it has been a while since Chapter 30 has been heard from.

Is everything okay with Chapter 30?

Did IHCC not get the word about the show?

Brad Anderson

Farmall Cub
Jan 21, 2005
Dexter Or
Chapter 30 is doing hunky dory, Colin.

There were no notes in the Harvester Highlights cause they need to be turned in well before the edition is printed. Eight of us were at the winter convention in Topeka, having so much fun we forgot ta get it written.

I received the brochures about the GWBB, from Chris, before our annual meeting in April. (they look great!!) They were passed out, the Bee was talked up and all available broachers went home with members. I have no idea how many will come however, what with the date being a week closer to the Steam-up.
I did receive a message from Mike late last week, with some questions about participation. I returned his phone call Monday morning and left a message of my own. I haven't heard back.

In other news, anyone else catch the mention about Don Bellamys Cub Cadet travels, in the latest edition of Red Power Magazine? (Yellow and White Pages)

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