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"Ivan" Pondering Bolting Down the Traveltop On My Scout II


Dreams of Cub Cadets
---"Dude, where's my top?" I hope I don't hear myself asking that. When the rain started last week, I was just going to tarp the Scout. The youngest boy asked if I was going to put the traveltop on so I said, "Yeah, that might be a good idea" So we did, and never bolted it down... I hope the wind doesn't get too strong up here in Bessemer, AL. but if it does, I am expecting the worst so that anything between that and nothing will not upset me. So, if anyone up there in TN discovers a white traveltop with sliding windows, and it ends up still being in useable condition, please contact me.

---All jokes aside, I hope all is well for everyone here and that you and yours are safe and well. To all those who have lost loved ones already, you have my deepest sympathy. I have been through some hellacious storms in Illinois and Michigan and I generally don't think about myself. If the good Lord wants me, he'll take me.

---I won't get into detail cause last time I mentioned it, someone argued the fact that 200mph straight line winds can happen [I am a bit of a doubting Thomas myself so don't take it to heart] in small towns, without records being online or at the weather bureau (as Garfield says, "You saw it on TV so it must be true"), but I have so far been through 5, major tornadoes... always wanted to storm chase... "them thar thangs don't scare me none" :cool: from the time I reached 16 (never paid much mind to them before that, before I joined Civil Defense) and predicted Hurricane Andrew almost a month before it hit Florids... so I told the bartender at my local tavern, but he watched the Weather Channel a week after I mentioned it, all the way up until the day I returned from Home

---If anyone decides between Ivan and the next rush of severe rotations that you want to get the heck out of Dodge, Godspeed tae ye. If you need a place to rest between finding a hotel/motel or the planned shelter and where you are now, either send me a message via Yahoo or the BB (yahoo is running most of the time on this cable connection... unless it crashes and someone will most likely hear it immediately). If anyone needs aide in cleaning up, I am presently unemployed and willing to lend my hard working... tucus to help.

---Brent G., hope all is well out by you. Mike T. from what I heard Mobile was hit pretty hard and I hope all is alright by you.


Dreams of Cub Cadets
Feel free to delete this accidental post

---I have no idea how this happened so I would guess it is time to get off this crazy thing. The longer-winded title is the only post that I knowingly sent out.

Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

Super Mod from Downunder
Staff member
i hope all works out ok for ya mate, and i hope that everyone else in the path of ivan gets through it ok.

ps, if that traveltop ends up in my back yard you better come get it, cause i aint sending it back to ya! :D