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"inner rocker panels" or are they "kick panels"


Doug Shailor

I agree with Ned. The selling person is FOS. Those are outer rocker panels. The inner is a "C" channel.

Alain Laverdure

Farmall Cub
Nope those look like Otter rocker's that goes on the outside of the inner rocker panel, and from the Picture they dont look near OEM, but i may get upu buy

l8tr Alain

Steve V

Farmall Cub
Just another case of a seller not knowledgable about what he's selling. A lot of that on Evilbay. :(

cam saure

Binder Driver
OEM rocker panels extended all the way from wheel well to wheel well. The ends of them are hidden under rear quarter panels and front fenders. All the replacement outer rocker panels you see only "patch" the visible part you see under the doors, and they also do very little to help the structural integrity of the body. They are also made of a lighter gauge of sheet metal then the originals. Cances are if your visible part of the rockers are rusted through the part that you cannot see is shot also. The inner rocker panels are a simple C- channel that extends from wheel opening to wheel opening. The replacement inners that I have seen are about 3/8 inch wider then the originals. They still work though, you just have a bit more showing underneath. If any of the venders have the dies for the original rockers, I am sure there would be some interest by now in new production as all the NOS originals are pretty much gone. Cam