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IHSTO Binder Bee 2008

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous

Carl Wiese

Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Oregon City, OR
I dropped a DVD full of pics to Chris last night that will be up on IHSTO as soon as he can get to it. I hope you all enjoy them!!

M. Mayben

High Wheeler
Sep 18, 2002
Leaburg, OR
Binder Bee 2008 is a week gone...I've now had time to pack away all the supplies until the next time around.

The entire committee (names listed early on in this thread!), and Kathy and I were astounded at the participant turnout this year. So many NEW folks with rigs that have been out there for years but we just didn't know about 'em!

We dialed up the pace a bit this year, and that will happen AGAIN next year with MORE enhancements being discussed and planned.

The most gratifying part? Volunteers just kept seeking us out wanting to do SOMETHING/ANYTHING!!! No shortage in that regard....and many of 'em were not even IHSTO members (but they are now!). No way I can name off the volunteers, I'm sure I never saw many of 'em helping out anyway as I was kinda busy myself.

A great surprise in having the crew from Washington and Idaho! And they keep bringing MORE kidz as the current crop keeps growing up!!! Pretty soon we'll have to have a Kidzone for just the NW Binders and JustIH overflow!

The construction work on Powerland grounds really didn't disrupt anything, we had adjusted before the crowd began to arrive. It's so encouraging to see Powerland moving into a new phase of construction of several additional facilities for the future. And the Powerland staff was EXTRA accomodating to our needs this time, a sign that IHSTO is definitely a player in the region.

The awards set a new standard for our event, and all the art and goodies showed the cohesiveness even with Mike Richards half a planet away from us! Ron Mouser is STILL speechless and just walks around shaking his head, hope he INCREASED his insurance coverage!

So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in this year's Bee presentation, AND to the folks who came out for the weekend to play with us. What a perfect closing to the Ernie Bisio/Ron Rawls era in IHC history! And it ALL happened at the Binder Bee, NO OTHER group/show will EVER top that one!

I'm GONE! Hope to see many of you at the Sierra Fall Rallye on Oct. 10! Don't forget, IHSTO is a sponsor!