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IH 560 Decals


Farmall Cub
My cousing recently restored a 1963 IH 560 Diesel and has the decal pack for it, but have some that we aren't sure where they need to be placed on the tractor. They used to have a 560 on the farm, but that is way to many years back and we were much younger than and don't recall where they go. Is there a book, manual, sheet somethig that is available that tells where they need to be placed? Thanks!


Farmall Cub
A good resource for the decal location on any IH tractor is the owners/operators manual. This is better than using the sales brochures as the brochures tended to have prototype tractors pictured and they did not give closeup photos showing details of the machines.

I would recommend that you get an owners manual. You will need this to properly service the tractor anyways.

If you run into a decal that may seem foriegn to you, email me or ring me here @ C&G ....1-866-FARMALL (327-6255)