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How to join the Rocky Mountain Binders, V. 2

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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Will Marsh

Staff member
Mar 6, 2001
Loveland, CO
There are 2 branches of the Rocky Mountain Binders. The Pikes Peak chapter based in Colorado Springs, and the Longs Peak chapter based in Denver.

There is no application, no dues, no initiation, no regularly-scheduled meeting time. Most of the planning for meetings/trail trips/parts swapping/etc takes place on the RMB Email list, which anyone is welcome to join. You are welcome to post the same stuff in this forum, but I'd suggest posting it to the email list as well because you're likely to get more responses there.

See this thread for the reasons this is V. 2. Both Chapters now share the same email list. Make sure you read Bill's post all the way through if you don't already have/want a Yahoo ID

Step One: Subscribe to the mailing list.

If you already have or want to create a Yahoo ID, Join the Web Group Here.

If you DON'T want to create a Yahoo ID and only want to join the email list, send an email to and ask Tom to send you an invitation to join the group. Follow the instructions in the Invitation.

Step Two: Send a "Hello" message to the list. When you hear about an event that sounds interesting, show up. Propose an event if you like, we try to get some type of meeting together at least every other month. Anyone is welcome to propose an event, as long as you're willing to help organize it. :)

That's pretty much all there is to it. (Except for the secret handshake, of course.)

We're a pretty easy going and family oriented type of group. Please feel free to join us.

Hope to see you on the list. :)

Will Marsh
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