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Hardcore Wheeling Sept 6th Caranage PICS


High Wheeler
Well, sounds good to me! Since my parents wouldn't let me play football, I decided to film the games through high school so I could be w/ the team. In my small school, the team was pretty much the same in all three sports. Got some timed logged onto the camcorder already, but I was surprised how well that little camera could take video. Some better software would be nice too!:stuart: That way, I could get more of the video in and less other s#!%. Glad you liked it.:beta1:

We'll have to see what the club as a whole can put together. As much as I would like to buy you software, Its just not in the ol' TTTOR budget:thumbs down:


Farmall Cub
Ok, sorry taken so long for me to get back here on this. Excelent run. Great job on leading by dan. I had a great time and everyone was awsome to be around. Even with all the breaking everyone went with it and wasent all bent out of shap becasue we were working on thier rigs or waiting on them. We all kinda split and went our own rout at the bottom but we were still there as a group to help everyone out. Looking forward to the next chance to go again. Like dan said though, it gives you an idea of your rig, so its back to the drawing board. I am going to have to take this one to trail only from here. Scrap the turbo idea, it was only for going up hill on the highway anyways, steering overhaul, even though the Z-link took several hard blows like a champ and dident even tweek, but its time for high steer and hydo assist. Then chop off 12" of the tail, oh, and bleed the brakes out so they will work like they are supposed too, along with auto tranny. I think I am still sticken with the D44's for now though.

one question for dan though, steering box? Dont need it right now, got my spare to put it for now, but would like to have it so I can do the rebuild and porting for hydo before it has to go back in. Let me know, thanks.


High Wheeler
Sure Jon. I'm porting up 3 boxes really soon. Re-built/sealed and ported ($200)

Sorry it took me so long to get pics up but being a one man army, stuff gets put on the back burner. The few decent ones I have...

Before anybody new what they were getting into

Mikes rig, still pretty.

Jon, wishing he had a TTTOR HD diff cover

Chris looking pretty

Mike wishing he had 40's instead of 35's.

Even after breaking an axle and fixing it on the trail, Chris not afraid to push it.

Proof that just because you have a welder and some steel, does not make you a fabricator.

Thats where my pics run out. I was so busy spottng, driving, or heckleing, I didnt take any more pics.


Farmall Cub
Or just a replacment if its easier than puling it back off his right now, I dont seem to have any extra of those, lots of parts but no steering boxes.


Farmall Cub
thanks, its not a huge hurry, workin on closing on a piece of property and buildin house so no money for truck for while.