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Good Project Trucks for Sale

Bren B

Farmall Cub
'61 Former Civil Defense Panel Truck, 304V8, 4 Speed, PTO winch. Rusty but still a worthwhile project.

'59 or '60 B-110 Travelall. Very solid body (originally a Cali truck) No engine or trans.

'59 B-110 Pickup, BD220, 3sp Column shift. This truck was licensed and driven about 5 years ago.

$1000 each 717-875-2271 Brendan


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Farmall Cub
Hi, Is the engine in the B-110 pickup an inline 6 and is it in running condition. Do you know the miles on the truck and do you know the differenc between the BD-220 and the SD-220?
Where is the truck located? Thanks Loren 970-390-1597

Bren B

Farmall Cub
Update on these trucks: The Civil Defense Panel truck is still for sale. The B-110 and the B series Travelall have been sold