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Front Chevy Dana 60 ¾T Brake Swap Info

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Chris Breedlove

Farmall Cub
Sep 11, 2014
Canton, MA
For those that want to know-
3/4T late 70s Chevy brake rotors and calipers with hardware and pads
Lugnut 4x4 3/4T Chevy D60 front caliper brackets
DRW hubs converted to SRW
Wheel stud holes on hubs drilled to 15.75mm
Rotor wheel stud holes drilled to 11/16
Using Dorman 610-283 wheel studs

Lighter braking setup than 1 ton gear, will clear a 15" wheel. I did it because I could, and saved me money on buying new brake parts. I just took what I already had and swapped it over from my SII D44 front with Chevy 8 lug outers.