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Field Find 1977 Scout II

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous


Farmall Cub
Oct 11, 2019
Hello everyone! Recently, at my friend's farm, I found and have started working on a 1977 Scout II with the 345 and three speed automatic. It was last driven in mid 1998, and was then parked outside of a barn for the next 21 years until I found it. I'm trying to get it to run and drive. The ignition is frozen, so I've just decided to just bypass that until I get a new one. The problem I've come across now is with the starter. I tried bumping it from the battery (the engine is not stuck) but it doesn't turn the engine over. I took the starter out, and it works fine, but once it's back in the block, the only thing I hear is the gear push out and then a buzz from the starter motor. What's the problem? Do I need a new starter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership
Oct 11, 2001
Aliquippa Pa
Welcome,you have posted this in a vender area( anything scout sells parts and builds scouts)more people will see and coment if you move it to the General IH tech area.Sounds like a weak battery or dirty cables to me.