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Colonel Mustard - 1975 IH Travelall 150

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Dreams of Cub Cadets
So my tailgate glass kept popping out of the rubber run channel. This would cause things to bind up and made the motor very sad. Based on the wear on that little metal J, it's probably been happening for a while.

I decided to elongate the metal channel moving the top of the start of the run channel forward.

This appears to have done the trick!



Lives in an IH Dealership
Unsure if I missed it but was wondering if have you ever found out what the rattle/noise was in the rear? Seem to remember you saying something about the gas tank straps, was that it?


Dreams of Cub Cadets
So I played around with the spare tire in between the frame rails. There is no way it would be able to nest fully between the rails as the clear dimension is 28 inches and the tire is larger than 28 inches. Also the cross support is too far rearward. I am not certain how this option would have looked from the factory. Did the tire hang below the frame?
Left frame rail.

Bumper (with the new hitch that will be even more restricted).

Frame cross member.

Left side again.

Right side.



Farmall Cub
I would do a little work on the welds, sand blast (or flap disc), powder coat (or paint), new grade 8 HW and reuse the hitch you took out. I doubt you can buy anything that solid.

Curt hitches are made is USA so I am not knocking them.
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Lives in an IH Dealership
The original setup looks like it would be horrible to use. Laying under the truck, holding the tire while trying remove or replace the spare by way of a large wing nut, or any nut would be challenging. If the original underslung carrier is something you want or if there's no other decent options, that's one thing. If you want something that's user freindly there should be plenty with the cable lift but that would require a hole somewhere for the crank handle. Just my opinion but I think you were having a problem with that tire fitting inside properly? If so it might be easier to find some odd narrower size tire for the spare even if one of those small spare use only tires are not available?


Dreams of Cub Cadets
I like all my spares to be a 100% match for size. When I'm in the middle of nowhere, it's nice to have the same size spare. I agree Ray. The stock IH setup looks like the spare will fall on you when removing or putting back. I'm thinking a crank/hoist plus the GM style bar would be nice.
GM spare.jpg