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Chilton's guide

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Farmall Cub
Mar 9, 2014
Philo, IL
Greetings all, I'm looking to get a service manual for my dad for his 1978 Scout II for Christmas.

I am aware and highly impressed by the 2 volume set, but the price is a bit of a shocker. I was wondering if the Chilton's guide that covers Jeeps/Broncos/ and other similar vehicles would be a suitable replacement? I'm mostly looking for wiring diagrams and the like.


Dreams of Cub Cadets
Sep 26, 2012
I bet someone here can chime in and tell me if I'm right. I bet if there was a Chiltons that covered the IHC products,it would have been as part of the big multi-brand books rather than the individual vehicle books we are so used to. Honestly though, Chiltons are horrible manuals anyway. I don't bother with them anymore. I find that if theres something I need a shop manual for, then the Chiltons wont have what I need anyway. I agree with Doc Stewart, the prices for the shop manuals are not bad at all, considering not just the prices on the manuals for other brands, but also considering the prices for repairs these days. The shop manual implies your going to be doing the repairs yourself. If you were not,then you would be paying someone,and it would be a lot more than the price of the manual. Actually, I dont think Id trust someone to mess with my truck. Ask most kids working in a repair shop about points these days and see what happens, and Ive heard more than one story about someone trying to time an SV engine off cylinder #1. Few shops have the expertise any more to deal with these old cars. Of course,to be fair to these guys, when I got my truck, my first thought was "Wow,this thing is so totally cool". Then I got into working on it and I started thinking "WTF have I gotten myself into." The last time I had seen an ignition with points was when I was 20 (20 years ago) on my old 68 Volvo. (which had dual SU carburetors, so I DID comfort myself with the fact that for all the oddball things on the IH, at least the fuel system was pretty normal) I had to look up that stuff on points again and hit up the pawn shops looking for a tach/dwell meter.(although,in defense of the old timers, the initial setting that I did with a matchbook, was spot on,when I put the meter on it)