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Binder Bash 2018 Raffle Prizes

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous


Binder Driver
Alright all. There have been some questions on how we are going to run the raffle. So here is how I think it should go. Sat morning all prizes will be on a table for all to see and drool over. Each raffle item(s) will have a number. Raffle #1, Raffle #2, etc. These are the order of the raffles. It will not be "pick what you want". Swapping is of course supported if you have someone else needs more...

Here is the current list:
Binder Bash T-shirts
Some AWESOME stickers and decals
Folding cargo carrier
21' x 14" Wall safe
Mailbox (we say no to NO raffle donation)
1/4" extension set
Iron frying pans
Large pelican case
4" wide ratchet strap
Truck Bed Unloader
Small Winch
Rear Disc brake kit from D&C!!!
And some others that haven't arrived yet...

Post if you have suggestions to make the raffle better or more fun...

Randy Z.

Binder Driver
I have confirmation of the following:

Dana 44 rear disc brake conversion kit from D&C Extreme. This is about a $600 value!

And from Anything Scout we will have their straight steer brace, a gauge conversion (round) dash cover plate and a set of Chevy LS conversion engine mounts.

A package is due to be delivered from IH Parts America in a day or two. I will post pics of what comes.

A package from Scoutco Products will be hand delivered to the Bash by one of their customers coming to participate all the way from Ohio!

And lastly, we have a commitment from Super Scout Specialists to provide sponsorship, no package on the way yet because John Glancy has decided to bring his show rig/mobile store front to the Bash to come hang out with us!

Make plans to come participate. Buy your tickets early, and often!

Randy Z.

Binder Driver
Okay, everything that isn't being hand carried has arrived. From IH Parts America, we have received a bag full of goody bags, Coffee cups, travel mugs, calenders, drink cups, IH logo cell phone pouches, Cig lighter/usb chargers, Leggings for the ladies, t-shirts, license plate frames and beanies.

From Anything Scout, we have received on of their round gauge dash conversion plates, an Anything Scout straight steer brace and one of their LS swap engine mount kits to get you conversion started.

And finally from D & C Extreme, one of their Dana 44 rear disc brake conversion kits.I can't thank these vendors enough for their continued support of our group!!!

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