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Barnes IH is A-OK!

Mike Moore

Dreams of Cub Cadets
Just wanted to drop in here and give some credit to Brendan. If anyone has not had the chance to meet this guy, you are truly missing out! Top-notch all the way, from parts quality to overall personal character, I will 100% vouch for him. I met Brendan and his father years ago at a show in Lancaster, and we ended up going for a ride in my Scout, and hanging out a bit that afternoon. They are both the type of folks that you immediately know you are gonna like! Ever since then, we've swapped some parts, emailed back and forth, texted, hung out at shows, etc. With his bad luck (not mine, for a change) getting to Nationals this year, he ended up with no parts in tow...which allowed us to hang out a lot more than we had in the past. I truly enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing him again as soon as we can get together. You will not find a better guy!

Brendan, I'm glad to see you get a forum on the Binder Planet! I'm sure I am not alone when I say that the site just got a little bit better!


Bren B

Farmall Cub
Thanks for the kind words Mike! You're a great guy and I enjoy our friendship. You and Scoutco have come through for me many times! I appreciate that.

Dennis Bernth

Staff member
He is a good guy for sure. He used to have the spot next to me at Nationals, and you couldn't ask for a better neighbor. Plus, he spends the time to hunt down the rarer parts that lots of times you won't find anywhere else. When somebody stops by my little spot at Nationals and looks at my pitiful collection of parts for sale and asks if I have an NOS painted window crank handle for a 53 R-110, I point em Brendan's way, good chance he'll have it or know where there is one. I think it's great that we have people either just coming in or expanding their scope to keep our addictions going, that goes for guys like Mike Moore too!


Farmall Cub
I need a hood for a 1960 int. pickup B100 if you know of any please let me know

River Bill


Farmall Cub
I have been dealing with Brendan for the last several years and am very impressed with him. He is very knowledgable of the IH brand and is always wiling to answer questions. His prices are very reasonable and he folllows through on what he says. I always enjoy visiting his store, its like stepping back in time...
Mike Ball


Farmall Cub
Hey Brendan,I may be able to attend the upcomig IH event in PA. I am looking for a few things to complete my 800. Front seats,half top,bulkhead,side view mirrors and windshield glass. LMK if you have and $$.