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A Cub Cadet 125 followed me home!

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Farmall Cub
Jan 23, 2019
Winthrop, WA
One of my dad's employees is moving and wanted to see this critter go to a good home. It was there when she moved in, wouldn't start one spring, and just sat there since. It was protected by a shed roof and the usual pile of rubbish that forms around anything left under a shed roof, so it's in surprisingly good condition. The battery is dated April 2002. All four tires took air. The rears are full of what I assume is water, so I'm hoping they're tubed. The serial number dates it to late January of '69 (per the table here), which agrees with the '69 parts and accessories brochure that came with it. On the back of that brochure, there's a stamp from Wenatchee Truck and Tractor, the same dealer whose sticker is under the hood of our '63 Scout 80. For the sake of the story, I could say I brought the Cub home with the Scout, but no, I'm not that crazy. I did the sensible thing and pulled it out with a clapped-out Honda 3813 with a boat trailer winch bolted to the back. Despite the Honda's considerable weight disadvantage, and thanks in large part to the PO's help, we got the Cub out of its ruts, around the house, and onto the trailer with less of a fight than I expected.

The engine turns over by hand, there's oil on the dipstick, and the fuel tank is clean and dry, all of which are encouraging. The carb smells like old gas, so I'm expecting trouble there. It's got an external coil, so I've got a set of points to find and clean. I've never worked on one of these, but so far it looks pretty straightforward, except that I haven't found the gear lever for the hydrostat yet. I did find a sticker telling me not to tow it, right after I towed it. It acted like it was in neutral. Hopefully that's not a bad sign. I haven't worked on a hydrostat before, but I expect this one wants an oil change at least.

This one's got a few things in line ahead of it, but I'm looking forward to waking it up. I've got some research to do before then. For now I hosed off the worst of the dirt and pushed it under the shed roof. Any advice appreciated!


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Greg R

Lives in an IH Dealership
Mar 23, 2002
Lebanon, OR
Love a good save! If the points are not pitted or corroded, a good burnishing with a new folded post-it note and new battery maybe all you need to get spark for now. The gap is critical for timing on the old Kohlers so work with what's there. I visit the International Cub Cadet web forums, lots of guys there who really know things from decks to engines. One of the sponsors, known as Charlie or Digger, is a good source for parts. For Kohler parts I've had good luck with Jack's Small Engines as well. Keep us posted!
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