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'74 scout II floor replacement and more!

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous

Jeff W

Farmall Cub
Nov 7, 2019
I went back a few pages and didn't see it mentioned.. I'm lazy so I'll ask .. what gauge is the metal its hard to tell in photos.. the ad for the stretcher says up to 18ga but looks like most of your stuff is closer to 14/16... The 16 ga I got the other day is rough enough to bend so curious if your doing gorilla bending or its the photos 😂 got me curious. I usually just grab what I have for this type of part. The two main splash guards/gussets are 16 gauge and the flange part I made is 18. However, I just went out and cut a piece of 16gauge 7/8-1 1/8"...seems the 7/8 and even 1" was doable much past 1" got pretty tough. I don't think any of the flanges on the scout are more than 3/4" so it works out great! If you're thinking about buying one...Id recommend it. Like I said though, the dies dont fit great, I think I might fix those later. For $100, hard to beat


Binder Driver
Jun 11, 2020
Thank you.. I think I remember (double negative lol) that even the good shrinkers and stretchers aren't really meant to be used to far in. You are correct I am thinking of getting one because no doubt in my mind the price of everything is headed on an upward spiral. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if the idiots (all of them hence not a political statement lol) may end up causing massive delays or non-availablity again.. You've done some really nice work appreciate your sharing all of it in photos. Believe your CAD machine is working better than the $300k one I looked at for the fabrication department I worked in back in the day. Now if it only came with the 'canned' already done designs they tried to pass off on us as 'easily' created in 5 minutes LOL LOL.

Waiting for a friend to get back from town with some U-Clamps to use on my knock down brake haha