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'70 800A Green Machine

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Hey all, I've been lurking on this thread for a while, but finally decided to share some of my build that I'm working on currently. This is the third scout I've owned. The first vehicle I ever purchased was a 1975 scout 2 which I owned throughout high school, my second was a 69 800A with a 4 banger. I sold the 69 about 7 years ago after moving to southern California. Well, a little over a year ago I convinced my wife to let my buy another....In comes the green machine. I'm now wrenching on a '70 800A, 304, 4sp, originally from Arizona truck. Being from Arizona, it had a little more rust than I would have liked, but all repairable. The truck I purchased was drivable, and the motor ran great, shifting was a little difficult though. Anyways, my plans were for a resto-mod-ish build. I wanted a weekend trail truck that can also take me to work and back. Anyways, here's some of the things I've done or plan to do:
-Sand/Paint the frame - Done
-New bed (In progress) - Done
-New passenger/driver floors (done)
-Rust repair behind doors, and rear wheel wells (done)
-Gas tank in between the frame with a fuel door (done)
-Rebuilt transmission, transfer case, new clutch, TO/Pilot bearings, new rear main seal, oil pan gasket (Done)
-Rebuilt the rear axle D44 (done)
-Purchased, regeared and rebuild a D44 front axle from a scout 2 and installed (Done)
-Rebuilt Heater box/core (Done)
-Remove body panels and paint behind (Done)
-Install Scout 2 Power steering box/pump and borgeson steering u-joints, new steering column wiring/turn switch - Done
-Add 10SI alternator (Done)
-Rewire the whole truck with new gauges (Done)
-Hydroboost brake install (Done)
-Body work/paint (Not started)
-Fabricate new front winch bumper. - Not started
-Fabricate Rock sliders - Not started
-R&R Radiator, new thermostat and hoses - Done
-Bedliner for the floors - Not Started
-Fab rear tire carrier/jerry can holder - Not started
R&R Tailgate and doors - In progress
Here's the truck as I got it

Rear axle with gas tank

Some minor body work and fuel door addition
New floors

Patch/metal work in the rear wheel wells

Front Axle

Nifty firewall grommet/plugs I made to cover the holes where the BHC's were.

Painting stuff. The scout will be red with a white top.

Anyways, this is just a preview. I have been taking pictures of everything and I have had pretty much this whole scout apart at one point in time. So, if anyone needs any pictures of anything or info, I'll help if I can. Or if you want more details on anything, hit me up! I'm installing the MAD electrical kit right now and a new kwikwire harness with new gauges right now. After this, I'll be doing the hydroboost, so I'm sure I'll have some questions down the road.
Thanks for viewing!
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Jack H

Farmall Cub
Thanks Davis! I agree about the gold comment Jerry, that is a nice color. For some reason, my eyes are really drawn to the look of the red SR2 scouts. I've seen some decal kits for the side and hood stripes for those somewhere. I'll probably get the plain ones that don't have the "SR2" logo.


High Wheeler
Thanks Davis! I agree about the gold comment Jerry, that is a nice color. For some reason, my eyes are really drawn to the look of the red SR2 scouts. I've seen some decal kits for the side and hood stripes for those somewhere. I'll probably get the plain ones that don't have the "SR2" logo.

Sounds good to me. Mike Moore at can set you up with those decals.

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Here's a few more from the weekend.
Fuse panel installed. Working on running/terminating connections. I hope this location for the fuse panel works out OK. I'm a little confused by the brake light circuit, it will need some more investigation.

New Auto Meter gauges. Still waiting on my indicator lamps. I drilled another hole for my alternator light/indicator

Repainted the dash and column and reinstalled. I need to figure out a way to refinish the dash pad.

I will be parting with my old gauges, so if anyone needs them, let me know! I have all of them and they all worked when I pulled them out. The only one I'm not sure about is the fuel gauge. It was in the glove box when I bought the truck.

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Here's a quick update of the scout. Got the column and gauges all wired in and connectors for lights at all for corners. Still need to finish the wiring at the sending units. Put in new vac hoses to the wipers and new defrost ducts under the dash. I also installed a new windshield washer pump and reservoir. The wiring has taken a little longer than initially thought, but I've taken advice from Mark at Mad Electrical and have been soldering/heat shrinking all of my terminals and connectors, so it's taken a while, but hopefully it should last a while.
X-mas present from the wifey.

Dash is in.

Engine with new washer bottle. Hope this spot works out ok.

More or less how she sits now, except a few less wires hanging around. We're getting there!

More to come!


High Wheeler
Looking good Jack! Don't know if I like the color scheme, red dash and green doors? Ha, your build is great, Greg

Jack H

Farmall Cub
A few more updates. Electrical almost done. Finished with all the lights, the only thing that's left is to install the new sending units for oil pressure and temp. Does anyone know the thread size for the factory temp sender?? Got the steering column/wheel back in, just need to cut the lower column to the correct length and put it in between the 2 borgeson joints.

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Well, I haven't been able to work on the scout as much lately. We're expecting our little girl to show up in the next month, so I've been prepping for that mentally and physically. I was able to get the Borgeson joints in, all the lights back together and working on the bracket for the hydroboost. I pulled the hydroboost off a 96 chevy suburban. I was planning on using the MC with it, but it might be a little overkill. When I removed the hydroboost, I forgot to label the lines coming out of the MC, does anyone know which line goes to front brakes and which goes to rear???




Binder Driver
Great job. That Scout was in amazing condition it looks like from when you brought it home.

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Great job. That Scout was in amazing condition it looks like from when you brought it home.
Looks can be deceiving my friend. It was in good shape engine wise, but much of the rest needed work. All the shiny stuff was done by me. It always amazes me how rust accumulates in the worst spots...

Jack H

Farmall Cub
Well, i got a few things done this weekend on the Scout. I got the new pitman arm on the steering box and painted up my new drag link and installed it. I got it centered, but now I need to pull the steering wheel again and center it. I cut up the drivers inner fender to make room for the hydroboost and the battery. Basically made the inner fender flat so I can just scooch the battery forward (removed the 2 humps). I also modified the brake M/C plate to accept the hydroboost. I still need to plumb the brake lines, find a brake prop valve and fab up a new battery tray and get some hoses made up for the hydroboost and PS pump. Right now i'm just waiting for the paint to dry. Thanks for looking - Jack.




Jack H

Farmall Cub
Finally got a few things done on the scout. With the new baby on board, work in the garage has been pretty quiet.
Got the hoses for the hydroboost made at a local hose shop, I'm using the PEX brass tee for now for the return. If it gives me fits I'll have to get a dual return PS pump, we'll see. I ran all new 3/16 NiCopp brake lines and installed a combo distribution block/adjustable proportioning valve from Wilwood. Right now I'm having a hard time getting all of the air out of the lines, so I need to keep bleeding them I guess. And just the last couple of days, I put together something of an exhaust for about 50$. I'm using the 2 to 1 portion from the old tubing, but after the Y, its all new.