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2nd Annual North West Poker Run

Binder TV

Bill USN-1

Staff member
Dec 25, 2002
Whidbey Island, WA

It's time for the 2nd Annual North West International Harvester Poker Run.

Hoping this year turns out as nice as our 1st Annual Poker Run did.

We had a great time and met some wonderful Binder nuts.

If you are looking for Whidbey Island on the map then go north of Seattle but turn left on 20 before you hit Bellingham. If you hit the Canadian border you went a little too far north.
If your coming from the North just drive thru Bellingham where you get your gas and groceries eh, and then turn right on 20 and take it right into Oak Harbor.

The plan this year will be about the same as last year. Get together in the morning for some good old fashioned meet and greet time. A little fender racing and some fish stories.
We will be gathering at Rocky Point Recreation Area which is right near the water. There's a playground for the kids.
Lunch will be served at around noon.
Then the scenic drive begins.
Keep in mind that a poker run is not a race. It's more a scavenger hunt, but the only thing your looking for is the beautiful scenery.
You may want to bring some hiking boots for some of the worlds best trails.

Once you are done with all the stops along the way you return to the Park.
The person with the best hand wins.

If anyone would like to stay around after we can all head out for dinner at one of the local establishments, and if you would like to stay longer, I'm sure some primitive accommodations can be provided.
Designated drivers are always available!!


When: Sunday 25 May 2014. The weather is perfect and it's a 4 day weekend. Come spend some time enjoying the company of fellow Binders.
Stay longer if you want or come early.

Cost: Absolutely nothing. Gas is expensive enough. There no need to pay money to meet fellow IHr's.
There is an optional $5 buy in for the poker run. All funds will go back to the winners with the best hands. Or maybe some to the guy with the IH that doesn't make it. But I do have a garage and a few parts rigs should someone need assistance.

Location: Rocky Point recreation Area

To Rocky Point:
From Hwy 20, north of Oak Harbor, turn onto Ault Field Rd. Continue through three stoplights. The road then curves to the left. To the left is Heller Rd. Straight ahead is Clover Valley Rd. Continue straight on Clover Valley Rd. The road curves to the left after approximately 0.5 mi., forming Golf Course Rd. At that curve, you'll see a sign for Rocky Point and a road. Veer off the curve onto this road, following it for approximately 0.5 mi., until you see a second sign for Rocky Point Picnic Area.

Please reply to this thread or call me or the Wife(Leslie), or send me an email to let me know your planning to attend. (360)969-2925
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group