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1977 Scout II body rebuild


Binder Driver
Hello everyone. It seems like a fantastic community so far. I purchased a '77 scout with a 304/727, and an SOA lift and wanted to sign up for the challenge of bringing back something unique that most folks would pass over.

I like to document my projects, and I very much enjoy seeing the projects of others. I guess the danger of documenting a project is that we can come off sounding like we know what we're doing, when we're actually trying to think out loud and keep the ball rolling.

That being said, please chime in with suggestions and tips! I'll be needing quite a bit of help and I hope to maybe have something to offer as well!

Not particularly a mud truck guy by any means, but when this rig came up, I jumped on it immediately. Getting the rolling stock is the hard part sometimes. It's my experience and opinion that whether a panel has a little rust, or whether it has a lot, it's all the same.

This scout had rusted out, been restored, then rusted out again. These can be the worst types because you lose all points of reference. The frame seems to be in beautiful shape, even with the third set of quarter panels up to bat.

I have a 12 gauge brake on the way, and my first order of business will be to restore both door jambs, build both rear 16 gauge tailgate area gussets, and the middle body support. Thanks for looking!


Farmall Cub
Looking good! I'll be watching this one. How do you plan to rebuild the center part of the rear step up area. I see you have the outer body mount part but the center looks tricky.


Binder Driver
Looking good! I'll be watching this one. How do you plan to rebuild the center part of the rear step up area. I see you have the outer body mount part but the center looks tricky.

Thanks! And super nice rig you have there, Justutt67 . This center section is salvageable and I'll go through the steps on my next day off. If I were to scratch build it, I'd do it in 4 pieces. Building the arch section with 3 sides like a scratch built hot rod frame, then the upper portion in one piece since it's pretty straight.


Binder Driver
After 7 days straight of 12 hour days, I finally get a day at the shop. Started my center body support cross member today.

These tools have been invaluable so far. A $12 air hammer makes quick work of body dissection when precision isn't required. The spot weld cutters are terrific if you don't let them walk on you.

Layed out the new ends and cut the center brace on the bandsaw for a tight butt weld. Media blasting and straightening the brace first.

I love the TIG for this because it's not about dropping dimes but penetration. With total heat control you can avoid the build up left on one side of the panel which can lead to a visible panel seams on the other side. The goal is to grind both sides smooth without compromising the panel thickness or strength. I notice a lot of new guys tend to weld too cold and not grind enough off. You can also see where I did a few pie cuts to panel match the new and old butt joints.

Matched the flanges by trimming on the bandsaw...

Post grinder...

An old trick my mentor taught me is to flip the sanding pad on an air sander to get into tight spaces...

All in all it came out decent. I welded up any spot weld stresses, panel imperfections and such. I really hope everything will line up. With price of repair panels, I want them to look factory. Still need to add the steel tubing reinforcement for the body mount in the brace.

Next will be door jamb resto and rear tailgate gussets. I blasted them and drilled our all the spot welds...


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Binder Driver
Today was kind f an R & D day. I refuse to pay $175 x 4 for door jamb ends. First attempt was kind of a fail, but I just grabbed a piece of metal and got after it. I don't really want to build bucks and such. I'm going to try piecing them together. Maybe form the center, weld and smooth.



Binder Driver
Thank you BiggRigg. I hope I don't come across as a know it all. I LOVE build pics. Sometimes I can learn so much from looking at a single pic while picking up on new ideas or techniques. I'll keep posting detailed pics and hopefully we can all network or share. I'm wondering what others are doing about doglegs.


Binder Driver
Got a little more done today. Had to pick up some square 5/16-18 nuts to weld on the back of the door jamb replacement panel I made. Using 16 gauge and plasma cutting pieces to work with. What my small 4×6 bandsaw won't handle, this little jig saw works tremendously. Found a reference pic on the internet and hoping for the best.
reference pic...


Binder Driver
Had a few hours before work tonight. My shop is 14 miles away so I have to be deliberate when I get there. I have a couple more nuts for the center brace to add as I hone in on what the rear rocker joint needs to look like...




Going to keep working on the doglegs, weld the trunk floor together and see what's salvageable on the rear wheel tubs


Binder Driver
You're too kind, Darrel. The only thing I've done so far is turn the heat up on the welder and used the grinder longer:cowboy:

I'm really worried about mating the front and rear half of the body when the time comes

Hoping to have these restored by the end of the weekend...

I'll have to post pics of my suspension spring over axle setup. I have a Dana 44 up front that has been turned up. Supposedly there's some kind of cut and turn axle tube mod. I'll get a second opinion on that from you all.

Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership
Where are you at?wish I would have seen this earlier as I have a realy good post around here you could have had,but Iam realy liking seeing your work


Binder Driver
Jeff, I'm an hour and a half west of Pittsburgh. Are you the "Alquippa guy" the guys at sss might have referenced when I visited them here recently?

Jeff Jamison

Lives in an IH Dealership
Yes Iam that guy,Iam friends with most of them,and have lots of parts you can use for measurements,message me for phone number,you should be real close to me


Binder Driver
Oh yes. We've been messaging so I hope to make a visit.

Worked on my rust rear wheel wells after a short nap coming off nights. Using a jigsaw has allowed me to make super tight panel gaps.

I used a new technique today. Spot welding full throttle on the TIG to 130-160 amps, let off, hit it again. Repeat this step in 1 inch intervals using a minimal amount of filler rod. There's a pic of the back side penetration which will make for perfect grinding on both sides of the panel. Hardly any distortion at all on this 16 gauge.

Here's a gripload of pics(no, that's not my Porsche and yes, the Crocs with socks are quite the local running joke here)








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Binder Driver
Thank you so much, Winchested. I really enjoy this type of work.

Got a little further today, just need a huge grinding session. Here are some more pics. Feels so good to start getting these vital building blocks out of the way. I bought NOS inner fenders which really help put the puzzle together. Some compound curve work on the corner patches.

Also, my son pulled the fenders off today so I could take a look at the carnage.






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Binder Driver
I'll take what you have! Do you still have the front half of the body from your '74 build?