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1969 Loadstar 1800

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous


Farmall Cub
Aug 2, 2021
Hey guys!
Thanks for the add. I am hopefully picking up a retired 69 Loadstar 1800 grain truck today. I am planning on removing the wooden sides to make it a flatbed for some stuff around the house. I was told it has the 345 for an engine with 4 speed 2 speed. Is there anything in particular I should keep an eye out for besides leaking oil and brakes?

I also plan on fixing it up some. Planning on new wheels to replace the 2 piece split rims and hoping to put some air ride all the way around to help with ride quality and to make loading and unloading easier. Anyone have any tips where to looks for wheels or an air ride kit (bags, compressor, tank, fitting, hose.) I know they don’t have a kit that bolts up to the truck and needs to be retrofitted to fit the applications which isn’t a big deal.

Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.