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1968 1200 Factory D301 Diesel

Bren B

Farmall Cub
'68 1200 Pickup with factory installed D301 diesel engine. We purchased from original owner (this truck has been featured in Vintage Truck and Wheels of Time magazines).
D301 IH turbo diesel engine, P/S, P/B, 4 speed, 3.54 gears. Truck is for sale and/or we are looking for an original 8ft bed for this truck.


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jeff campbell

Staff member
i had a '66 t'all that had about the same interior as your's.but on the glove box door,it said custom,had the same horn ring an all.jeff,nice looking truck!P.S. mine was a 1000,heckuva cruising machine,304-4-spd.
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High Wheeler
Reviving this in case anyone has one of these beasts. I am contacting anyone that owns one or who knows someone who does. Working on an article for Diesel World magazine on these trucks.


Farmall Cub
Are you aware of the article that was in Cornbinder Connection? If memory serves, the owner had three of them.