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1965 Travelall Headlight Bezel


Farmall Cub
I am in search of a set of headlight bezels for my 1965 D1200 Travelall. Having zero luck searching the web for them. I am fairly certain that they were a Delco Guide part and the closest I have found is the 1964 Impala bezels - BUT, the '64 Impala was a dual headlight set up and the bulbs were significantly smaller. Pictures attached -

Happy with NOS, used, or reproduction - just want to find them...

Thanks! 1965 Travelall Headlight Bezel 2.JPG1965 Travelall Headlight Bezel 3.JPG


Y-Block King
No repops that I know of , They pop up once in a while here and on ebay , Usually damaged ,scuffed etc,
when they show up on ebay be prepared for competition , It took quite some time to find a set of NOS

A really good trim man can make that one in the picture look like new , They are few and far between ,
make sure you research any outfit you may send them to
Good Luck