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1953 IHC Refrigerator 1-105-DMS WOW!

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Kirk T

Farmall Cub
May 12, 2007
Alva, Ok.
Wow! It works! Years ago I bought an acreage with an old house and a couple round top barns. In the barn is four different old refrigerators being used for storage. One an IHC, Being a fan of International Harvester and having 1959 Metro and a 1972 Travelall, the 72 Travelall also came from the barn.

I have been wanting an old retro refrigerator to put in the house, so yesterday, I removed the items stored in the old IHC fridge, cans of oil, funnels, a bunch of ammo, and gun cleaning supplies.

I plugged the fridge in, the ragged cord and all. It wasn’t long before there was frost starting to form on the evaporator coil. I’m not sure what it had for a handle and I’ve not seen any pictures of an IHC refrigerator with this plastic shield behind the handle. The plastic shield is original, at least it has the IHC logo on it. My guess is the handle gave up or broke and they made the make-shift handle when they moved it to the barn for storage. Does anyone have a fridge or pictures of one with the shield behind and the original handle? It is missing a few interior trays but I plan to thoroughly clean it re-insulate it and use it in the old house. I think it will be a fun project. If you have a spare handle please let me know. Kirk T.
IHC Fridg 1.jpg
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