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  1. A

    Where can you get front shocks for a 2wd IFS 72 Travelall

    Hi, Seems like no one has replacement front shocks for my 1972 2wd IFS Travelall. I've tried all the usual places but, no joy for fronts only rears seem to be coming up. Anyone know where I might find a place to purchase them?
  2. nksabaker

    Line Setting Ticket

    Hey fellow IH nuts. I'm wondering if y'all could give me some feedback on my LST and point out some oddities or points of interest. I'm curious about the propeller shafts? Thanks.
  3. nolanbauer

    Northern California 1972 Travelall & Member Intro

    Hello everyone. New to the forum. Figured this would be a great introductory post and potential thread to follow along with my progress. Was handed down our old family Travelall. Many memories riding in this as a kid. It’s a 1972 1010 that has been sitting on our ranch in Northern California...
  4. BlackFish

    66 F1all50 Travelall build

    Starting a new build though I would start documenting it this time. Way back in May (my ADD makes this a long time) I Picked up a 66 Travelall with no drivetrain or rear axle mostly because the price was right! After some daydreaming decided the wife needed a new daily / camping rig. And since I...
  5. bdgn01

    1964 C1100 Travelall

    Over the course of 25 years of Scout ownership, I have a hard and fast rule: I'm not taking my truck off the road for any long term projects because I know with my schedule I'd never get it back on the road. Everything I tackle has to be functional or required because I don't want an immobile...
  6. Shortcut Garage

    1968 TravelAll - Video Included! - I’m gonna need help!

    Walk around video can be found on YouTube here: 1968 International Harvester TravelAll project? - Saved from the Crusher! - Help me make a plan!! I walked past this thing at my local auto wrecker a hundred times, always thought it was “neat” and would make a cool Build but in reality….knew...
  7. Lizzielou517

    ‘68 Travelall glass

    Hi all, I bought a nice solid ‘68 Travelall from NE and so far most of the parts are there or I have the parts available from other IH’s we have (my fathers a “collector”) I know I’m searching for a needle in a haystack, but I’m going to ask anyway. Does anyone have any drivers side rear quarter...
  8. A

    Which Travelall does this go to?

    Not sure which year Travelall this rear door / tailgate lock bezel goes to. It doesn't look the same as the ones I have seen for the electric window version but it also doesn't look like the crank version that came in my 1970. I was thinking maybe 74-75 (if they have a different electronic...
  9. A

    1974 International Travelall Chassis Swap Help/Recommendations (2000s and Up)

    Hello Everyone, I am out here in Aurora, Colorado working on the 1974 Travelall 100(corrected), 2WD, 392. FA8/9. My dream for this particular build is to be able to modernize the drivetrain and suspension. Essentially The only thing I want to hold on to is the body. As much as I love IH and...
  10. Travelallover

    1964 Travelall moon walking down the road

    Hello All, I bought a 1964 Travelall off of BAT a few weeks back... I picked it up yesterday. The previous owner did a disk break conversion that isn't quite right and replaced a few suspension parts. Currently... when I drive it... it floats across the road. There is tons of play in the...
  11. harvester_dad

    A Thread about "Moose" 1970 International Travelall 1100 4x4

    Hey guys, As I was scrolling around on social media last week I came across a pretty sweet 1970 4x4 Travelall for sale. I sent it over to the wife hoping for a voice of reason and . . . she liked it just as much as I did! We mulled over the logistics, mainly the fact that the truck is 16 hours...
  12. Travelallover

    Adding AC to a C-series Travelall

    Does anyone have any experience adding a vintage air kit to their third gen Travelall or pickup? If I found an original ac bracket would the vintage air compressor mount up ok?
  13. Derek in Seattle

    Hinterlander: 1972 1210 Travelall

    Here we start the resurrection of our 1972 1210 Travelall She's an Eastern Washington car, very little rust and great condition for the age. I'll be documenting my steps to bring her back while we figure out which way to go with her resurrection. Background: We have a Scout 2 that I'm...
  14. T

    1967 Travelall Rear Side Glass Issue

    Greetings! I'm new here and hope to find some experienced Travelall advice as I rebuild a 1967 International Travelall. I purchased a new weather- strip (that is supposed to be a universal fit for 1961 -68 Travelalls) from Clester Rubber Company for the rear drivers side window (this is the long...
  15. K

    Travelall color code

    I am a newbie...been resorting IH’s for a few decades...need the paint code for the 1966 John Wayne Travelall. Kindly
  16. TheCrazyFarmer

    1963 Travelall...My first (BIG) project!

    Okay everyone, its actually happening now. I'm getting this Travelall for my sister this Christmas, and I intend to document the whole project here. As some of you know, I got my first truck in May of 2018 "The Turnip Truck", and I've pretty much got it to the point to where its a good reliable...
  17. TheCrazyFarmer

    63 Travelall and 80's Cargostar value?

    We want to buy a Travelall and a box truck from a neighbor, and we don't want to rob her or anything. She doesn't know what they are worth, and we want to make sure she gets a fair price. The Travelall, some of you have already seen, and said it isn't worth more than 500 bucks. I don't...
  18. TheCrazyFarmer

    Can someone provide the shift pattern?

    I would like to know what the shift pattern is on a 3 on the tree, in a 1963 C1000. Thanks!:cowboy:
  19. TheCrazyFarmer

    Travelall vs Pickup C series....

    I was curious what the height difference was between 1960"s Travelalls and Pickups if any at all. When I see 60's T'alls, they seem "squaty" compared to pickups. Are they actually lower to the ground, or is it just an illusion? I'm talking 2WD, without a lift or anything. Smaller tires?
  20. Bryan hill

    304 knocking

    1968 travelall hasn't run for a minimum of 15 years. Has knock, not tick at idle ( Cold and warm) increasing in intensity with throttle position. Runs really smooth great power , for 1968 Got new clean fuel, mechanical pump blocked. Running electric FP. Pulled valve covers, rockers all move...
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