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scout ii

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  1. S

    Holley sniper issues

    Hi everyone one. I’m having a big issue with my initial install of my Holley sniper 2300 on my 1982 scout ii with the 345 and manual transmission. This is my first time posting to Bear with me. Before the install I had a regular Holley 2300 350cfm street avenger. Ran great and never had issues...
  2. L

    JEGS Speedometer Conversions

    Hello all, I have a 1975 Scout II that is getting restored. We have oversized tires on it which through off the speedometer from working. In my boat, I converted all the speedometers to run GPS and am open to doing this on the scout. I found something that looks interesting to use. Has anyone...
  3. C

    1974 international scout engine swap from AMC 258-AMC 304

    My 1974 International scout came with a AMC 258. I decided to do an engine swap to a built up AMC 304 when I found a crack in the 258 block. I have a T-19 transmission. From what I can tell from trying to put in the engine is that the motor mounts are diffrent, and that the transmission needs to...
  4. Sensei

    Sensei's 75 SII, a love affair

    Hey y'all! So I'm finally getting around to making my "build board" for my beloved '75 Scout II, it's been a long time coming and hopefully, maybe, someone else can learn from all of my bumbling around. this first post will be a "catch up" on the last 8 or so years and I will do my best to keep...
  5. Z

    1979 Scout II Factory Fiberglass Body?

    First time poster here and love the forum, so hopefully I’ve got this in the right spot. I recently bought a 1979 Scout II and have been going thru everything to get it in good running order for this spring, but came across a few things that just stand out to me as unique on this truck. I...
  6. smbosun

    '80 Postal Scout II

    Picked up my 1980 Scout II last Monday. Truck was used in service by a rural postal carrier in the Greensboro, NC area. Purchased last year from a restoration shop; truck was running but needed some drivability upgrades and a few modifications I wanted: Rough Country 4" lift w/ Bilstein 5100...

    A shot in the dark = Looking to find previous owner(s) in Colorado

    I've had my Scout II for about a year now and purchased local to Denver. The guy (Bailey) I bought it from didn't have much info on it, so just putting this out there with the slim chance someone is or knows the previous owner. Info: Mopar 360, sidewinder 3-speed hooked up to a 727. I've done...
  8. Shnyzx

    Scout II Wiper Replace

    I have a 77 Scout II with "stock" windsheild wipers - Trico Triple Action 11". My question, other than if these are really stock, is how do you remove the blades? I can see a notch in the wiper knuckle with what looks like a spring clip inside of it. If I could figure out how to activate this, I...
  9. Shnyzx

    Mystery Engine wire bottom right front

    So I have searched and checked my manual and have yet to find out what this wire is for. It comes out of the bottom front right of the engine. This is a 1977 scout II 345 (me thinks). It is cut and wrapped around the frame. The scout runs with no issues.
  10. Matt005

    Hydroboost Brake Conversion Hose Question

    The son and I started a hydroboost brake conversion this weekend. We need a little help with understanding the hoses. I bought the power steering pump from Anything Scout ( The attached...
  11. G

    Best Vendor for Scout 2 Steel Gas Tank: Need Old Thread Link or Suggestions Here

    Looking for suggestions on steel tank for ‘75 Scout II. Haven’t found an existing thread after a brief search. If someone has a link can you post here? Purchased a 19 gallon (should’ve gone 33) poly tank from TRex Auto Parts in October. Could never fill up without stop start or filling the tank...
  12. Lars-S

    Scout II 5.9 Magnum 408 Project

    Scout II 440 to 408 Project - We are continuing on with our Scout II Big Block 440 to Magnum Small Block 408 project. We'll start this thread by providing some FYI reasoning and decisions. We initially replaced the 345 because there were few performance or upgrade options other than going to a...
  13. Binder77

    Scout II Rewire with Dual Battery

    Well, it’s time. I’ve had the Scout II in my signature for almost ten years and the PO had done a great job rewiring with an EZ Wiring Mini 20 harness, remote start solenoid, headlight relays, Auto Meter gauges, etc ... nice and reliable. Fast forward to a 94 amp alternator upgrade last month...
  14. Josh Schrecengost

    Josh's 79 Scout ii

    Howdy. I bought this 79 Scout 2 from a buddy that was moving to another state and didn't want to haul it along. I've always liked scouts and since I'd been looking for a good hunting and fishing rig for a while I couldn't pass it up. This is a 345, 727 auto drive train. The first things I did...
  15. Zac Crutch

    No spark from the Coil...

    Hey Gang. I have finally put my pride to the way side and I am officially seeking help. I have been scouring binderplanet for weeks and cant find a thread that hits exactly what I am looking for... I am working on a 74 scout II stock 304v8. I have replaced the GB, coil, spark plugs & wires...
  16. Shnyzx

    Right Turn may work after dash drop

    So I pulled the dash today to trace down my fuel guage. After the PO there were plenty of wires hanging down that weren't connect, and I wanted to make sure those hadn't been messed with. While I was in there I zip-tied everything and got it nice and clean looking. Ended up fixing the...
  17. Shnyzx

    Scout II Hood Release Knob

    Ok so here is my dumb question of the day. My Scout II came with the factory needle nose plyer hood release knob. I purchased a replacement online and am trying to get it attached with no luck. I re-aligned the hood catch so that you don't have to yank the hood release and pry the hood open at...
  18. NTandy

    Looking for Scout folks in Santa Barbara, CA

    I'm interested in starting an International Harvester club in Santa Barbara, CA. Anybody out there? -Napper
  19. ‘80_Scout_II

    Grille Conversion

    I currently have an SSII Grille on my 1980 Scout II and in the process of swapping it out for the original square headlight grille. I did not know, but upon removing the front grille panel of the SSII Grille there is a metal frame of sorts which is bolted and has circular cutouts for the round...
  20. Shnyzx

    [SOLVED] Right turn light doesn't work with lights on

    I know, I've searched and everyone thinks it's a ground issue. I have a 1977 Scout II that was in a accident on the front right corner. I have pulled all connectors from that side, leaving only the front turns attached. When the lights are on, the signal stays on (in the dash, not in the...