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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
  1. F

    Prospective Resto, Quick Help

    I’ve been on the hunt for awhile for an older Bronco or Scout to resto for my wife. She’s done a lot for me and our child, so what better way to repay her than give her a restored Scout. She’s been into Bronco’s and Scouts. Fast forward to yesterday. Guy locally posts a ‘74 Scout II. It’s in a...
  2. AshleyNichole

    1955 International Pickup Restoration

    We have a 1955 International Pickup that we are restoring and I have searched high and low for the DUPONT paint formulas for the Harvester Red #50 and the Magnolia Ivory #9. I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!!! We want this truck to be restored to it's original beauty and the two toned red and cream...
  3. B


    Looking for someone to help me restore my 1980 Scout II. Phoenix AZ area. Thanks B