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international harvester

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  1. Lori Young

    My 1954 International Harvester Refrigerator

    This was my grandparents refrigerator original to their 1952 home in St Louis County. Any additional information and or value of this please let me know. Thinking about selling it.
  2. J

    1952 International Harvester Freezer

    Hello - My father in law recently acquired a 1952 International Harvester Deep Freeze. Everything is in good working order, the seal is plausible and tight, motor purrs like a kitten and it gets cold enough that you think you are in the Antarctic when you open the door. We are trying to decide...
  3. AshleyNichole

    1955 International Pickup Restoration

    We have a 1955 International Pickup that we are restoring and I have searched high and low for the DUPONT paint formulas for the Harvester Red #50 and the Magnolia Ivory #9. I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!!! We want this truck to be restored to it's original beauty and the two toned red and cream...
  4. I

    Ih 345 SV8 Super Charger

  5. Lone Star Steeple

    Lone Star Steeple

    My daily driver and business truck.